I’m sure Susan Goldberg judges her 3 years as editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to be triumphantly crowned in glistening gold,  engraved with her name, for her newspaper’s role in passing Issue 6 in the fall of 2009.  A fine feather in that cap, indeed, which I’m sure Susan relentlessly sold in her job interview to become an editor at Bloomberg.

The rest of us won’t really know how much metro editor Chris Quinn’s relationship with Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason resulted in the PD’s complete ignorance of Mason writing his job into perpetuity as the sole remaining countywide office.  We won’t know how much effort it took to get Goldberg to naively assume that Mason had no role, neither active nor passive, how dare we think it, in the county corruption scandal at full boil all around him.  We won’t know how much reason Susan Goldberg had to abandon to let Mason use her, and her pet charter, quite precisely as a condom, to make sure no one noticed the whole post-soviet dictator act.  We won’t know which moment Goldberg decided that her journalistic legacy as editor of a major daily required that she wrap her entire reputation, and her newspaper’s, around Bill Mason’s comically blatant protection racket, so obvious it’d be laughed out of a Hollywood script writing convention based on absurdity alone.

But Goldberg surely knows. She knows all of it.  I’m sure she sleeps well, why not, her bills are paid, her kids’ future is assured, there’ll be another 6 figure income raining down on her.  And I’m sure all the new pimps on Goldberg’s new beat will be fully aware of just how easily their new target, late of Cleveland, can be played like a Stradivarius.  Trust me, Susan, these people do their homework, they’ll know your price.  You’ll be at Bloomberg, Susan, these guys make Bill Mason look like a common beggar.

Goldberg gets to leave for Bloomberg in mid town Manhattan (oops – San Francisco!) while we live under the deeply flawed and undemocratic government charter that she must certainly see as her greatest journalistic achievement.

Thanks, Susan.  You’re so awesome.

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