Try to envision the lifestyle and culture of America without the benefit of the public common school.

Would the U.S. have been the leader of the free world had the various states not adopted constitutional provisions for free, universal common school education? An all-private education arrangement would have left multitudes of unserved or underserved students, and divided the nation into tribal communities.

Some in our nation do not comprehend or value the symbiotic relationship between the common school and democracy. The common good is just not a priority for them.

Thomas Ultican provides a more in depth look in a recent article titled Destroy Public Education (DPE); It’s a Billionaire Fueled Agenda.

“America’s public education system is an unmitigated success story,” writes Ultican.  And yet so-called reformers “say we need to change its governance and monetize it.”

“We are discussing the education system that put a man on the moon, developed the greatest economy the world has ever seen and wiped out small pox. It is the system that embraces all comers and resists all forms of discrimination. In the 1980’s, it was laying the foundation for the digital revolution when it came under spurious attack.”

Ultican goes on to detail how America’s billionaires are working against the public common school. It’s well worth the read!