A lot of things can cause stress: work, school, or even the fact that Ohio is 12 days past the constitutional deadline to pass a budget and we still don’t have one. Whatever is on your mind, take a moment to get inspired by State Senator Theresa Gavarone and find your zen.

Yes, Gavarone and our other Republican lawmakers have let down their constituents, put our credit and state funding at risk, and generally failed at their jobs. But has that stopped them from taking time off and having fun? Of course not!

If Theresa Gavarone can be this at-peace during an unprecedented legislative failure, so should we! Let’s take a look back at all the things Gavarone has had time for in the 12 days of this crisis (so far):

On day one past the deadline, Gavarone got her fishing license! Let the budget crisis/paid vacation begin!

Next, only one day later, she went out fishing on the lake with other GOP lawmakers. Must be peaceful to waste weekday work hours and taxpayer money!

Budget fail? We thought you said “set sail!” Most Ohioans have jobs (and consequences if they miss work deadlines), but Gavarone doesn’t have to worry about that. She’s been paid in full for this month and had a great time celebrating her birthday on the water!

Yesterday, Gavarone decided to stay away from that boring old Statehouse. Instead, she hosted a golf scramble fundraiser! If we had $100 (minimum) and could miss work on a Thursday (again) maybe we’d do the same!

To hold Gavarone and our other GOP lawmakers accountable, tell Mike DeWine to demand that they get to work and pass a budget.

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