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The Ohio Democratic Party held a conference call for media today that featured national broadcaster Ed Schultz and Party Engagement Chair Nina Turner. The duo discussed how the shutdown politics of the GOP are impacting the U.S. Senate race in Ohio.

Turner, a former state senator, pegged the cost of the last shutdown of the federal government by Republicans at about $24 billion. That cost, she said, showed the GOP doesn’t really care about the citizens they are supposed to represent. She knocked Ohio’s junior senator in Washington, Rob Portman, who is running for a second next year after being […]

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Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are bosom buddies, or at least that’s the political narrative pushed forward about them. Both are also running to be the Republican nominee for president next year based on their experience as like-minded government managers.

One big difference between these two GOP state leaders, where normally little daylight shines, is how each has reacted to calls to show their compassion in their budgets for the most vulnerable of their constituents, the severely developmentally disabled.

Christie Can Cave, Why Not Kasich?

In the Garden State, Gov. Christie’s […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is legend for exaggerating and playing fast and loose with facts. He showed his performance politician skills again when he claimed on national TV last week that he left Washington with a $5 trillion surplus.

When it comes to the facts, Ohio’s term-limited governor is a master at obfuscating them so much that his PR handlers always have to clean up after him. That was again the case when he failed to inform viewers that what he said wasn’t based in fact but on assumptions that never came true.

When John Kasich Left Washington

“When I […]

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Documents obtained by Plunderbund show that a company owned by one of Ohio’s largest charter school operators is failing to deliver on a major contract with the state.   The documents also indicate that former employees of the company, now supervising the project for the state, likely retaliated against public employees who questioned the company’s failures.  The company’s owner, William Lager, is one of the biggest Republican political donors in Ohio.

According to an investigation report from the Ohio State University’s Office of University Compliance and Integrity (OUCI), “Employees with the Ohio Technology Consortium (OH-TECH)… reported that a project to implement a statewide K-12 learning management system […]

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When the presidential nomination of your political party is at stake, as it is for Ohio Gov. John Kasich who finds himself struggling to break out of the low single digits his second campaign for the White House has been mired in despite spending millions to promote himself, which of the 50 states do you court to line up behind you?

If you guessed Mississippi, a Deep South state with an unenviable record of achievements that show why it’s a bottom dweller among the 50 states on so many important fronts, you would be right, far right.

But you’d also […]

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A video is making the rounds today of U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, asking Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards a question and then repeatedly interrupting her with same question each time she tries to answer. He did so 19 times in five minutes.

I imagine Jordan walked out of that room feeling like a tough guy, proud and serenely unaware of what a fatuous boob he looks like in the video.

The whole thing centers, of course, around this summer’s sting video of Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing the donation of fetal tissue to medical science. Anti-choice activists edited this video […]

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Here’s a shocker: A majority of Ohioans respect and revere women. Unfortunately, Republican leaders do not.

A new survey from Public Policy Polling of likely Ohio voters shows they overwhelmingly support laws that would require paid maternity leave and equal pay for equal work, and they oppose a bill that would make it illegal to abort a fetus with Downs Syndrome.

The poll was conducted Sept. 22-23.

The progressive group Progress Ohio issued a press release Monday noting that Ohio’s Republican governor and legislative majority don’t much give a damn what likely Ohio voters think on these issues, and they don’t share […]

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With the announcement last Friday by long-time Ohio Congressman John Boehner that he’ll step down from his role as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and quit Congress by the end of October, Republicans are looking to replace him with another ideological leader bent on mayhem as they grind government.

Republicans may think they are fit to govern, but Americans by a 3-1 margin want the federal government to stay open even though the rabid right wants to shutter it over funding for Planned Parenthood.

In Ohio, under the Kasich Administration, the number of abortion providers in Ohio has […]

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Last week Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer finally provided us a limited and redacted set of transcripts for the interviews conducted as part of the CoinGate investigation     We are making all of those interviews available for download below in the format received by the IG’s office.   Note:  the records were delivered seventeen months after our public record request and nearly a decade after the original IG investigation started.

CoinGate is one of Ohio’s best-known political scandals.  Wikipedia sums it up nicely: “The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) invested hundreds of millions of dollars in high risk or unconventional investment vehicles run […]

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What a difference spending $5 million or more makes when candidates for president promote themselves as the political equivalent of a new laundry detergent guaranteed to take the stain out while making your clothes whiter and brighter.

You might think that buying goodwill with on-air TV ads instead of earning it on the ground where it counts would be easy, especially in a tiny state like New Hampshire that barely merits two congressional districts but where a lackluster candidate can take off if they place well.

Kasich’s ‘New Hampshire Miracle?’

A world-class exaggerator, Ohio Gov. John Kasich called his […]

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John Kasich probably never once gave a thought to serving his country in the military. Instead, he chose to enrich himself [up to $22 million] through partisan Republican politics and all the riches that could be mined from serving in Congress for 18 years.

As Ohio’s governor is wont to do, he’s again shooting from the lip and talking tough. After thousands dead, including about 188 from Ohio, he’s ready to squander more American blood and treasure to fight unwinnable wars in Syria and Iraq. John Kasich has stated he’s ready to re-engage in the Middle East for […]

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