John Kasich probably never once gave a thought to serving his country in the military. Instead, he chose to enrich himself [up to $22 million] through partisan Republican politics and all the riches that could be mined from serving in Congress for 18 years.

As Ohio’s governor is wont to do, he’s again shooting from the lip and talking tough. After thousands dead, including about 188 from Ohio, he’s ready to squander more American blood and treasure to fight unwinnable wars in Syria and Iraq. John Kasich has stated he’s ready to re-engage in the Middle East for “as long as it takes to get the job done” to defeat ISIL or whomever the fog of war says the enemy is today.

Kasich Shoots From The Lip

The thin-skinned Buckeye CEO known by not a few national reporter as an off-putting jerk has been pushing for a federal balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. His call for more war, the most expensive kind of federal spending, would no doubt add trillions to the nation’s debt load at a time when it’s back under control, thanks to smart budgeting and cost savings undertaken by President Obama despite unending enervation of his commonsense policies by Washington leaders of Gov. Kasich’s Republican Party.

From early on in his nearly 40 years as a career politician, Gov. Kasich has shown himself to be GOP through and through. He preaches that the party is his “vehicle not his master,” but no one knows what that really means. From the 1970s to today, Ohio’s governor has been right-of-center on virtually any issue. Meanwhile, to boost his low ratings for president in a small state, John Kasich has spent $4 million or more in New Hampshire, where early voting starts next February. All this is being done so he’ll have a decent showing to show for it all.

At the national level, according to the new NBC/ORC poll released Sunday, Ohio’s term-limited governor finds himself looking up from the bottom, where he dwells with former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. Kasich’s plan touting himself as the folksy, pragmatic grownup among the 15 active GOP candidates sounds good until he shows how stupid he actually is on matters of foreign policy. Despite his dated resume that boasts he ended his time in Washington as the ranking minority member on the House Armed Services Committee, John Kasich is ready for more war first over diplomacy.

Opening his mouth to show his lack of judgement in an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” show Sunday, Gov. Kasich said Senate Republicans “ought to say that we are not going to permit this to be blocked because of a filibuster.” The man who says he knows how Washington works, added, “There ought to be a vote and there ought to be extreme measures taken in the United States Senate to achieve it.”

President Obama’s much heralded Iranian Deal is really a joint agreement that includes Russia, China, France, Great Britain and Germany. All these countries signed an accord this summer with Iran aimed at preventing Iran from building a nuclear bomb for at least 15 years.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s cogent argument is that the the new agreement and Iran’s apparent willingness to remain a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty means that Iran will be subject to rigorous international inspections for decades. Gov. Kasich would undue all this coalition building in one sentence, then says American needs a coalition in the next sentence.

One of those senators supporting the Iran Deal is Ohio’s senior senator Sherrod Brown. In a statement of his support for the deal, the ranking minority member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, said, “It’s critical that we prevent Iran from developing or acquiring a nuclear weapon. This agreement is the only viable option to achieve that goal.”

Kasich: True Ignoramus

The wannabe president may not know that conservatives not only have his number but think his bluster is anything but smart. Just a couple weeks ago, an article in the American Thinker, a conservative policy publication, said Kasich “is giving interviews and saying dumb things.”

Speaking about foreign policy on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Kasich said, “We should have been supporting the Syrian rebels years ago. I pitched [House Speaker John] Boehner and [Sen. John] McCain on it, the administration ignored it. And the simple fact of the matter is we should have been supporting the opposition to Assad. This thing could be over by now,” article author Ed Straker wrote

“That’s right! There are only three armed camps in Syria: the brutal Assad, the brutal Islamic State, and the brutal, diffuse ‘other’ rebels, most of which are affiliated with Al-Nusra, the local franchise of Al Qaeda,” Straker noted, adding that “every time liberals, and some Republicans like Kasich ‘complain that we aren’t doing enough to help ‘moderate’ rebels, it is discovered that very often when we give them weapons, they wind up in the hands of Al Qaeda. That’s why we paid $500,000,000 but could only find 60 rebels to train.”

“Donald Trump gets criticized for not knowing the obscure leaders of rebel groups,” Straker said, “but Kasich is the true ignoramus, because he would have us give even more weapons to Al Qaeda.” Straker wrote notes there is no “moderate” rebel force. If Assad ultimately wins, he will continue to fund terrorist groups like Hizb’allah. “If Al-Nusra wins, they will join Al Qaeda in committing acts of terror abroad. And if the Islamic State wins, they will do much the same,” Straker said.

The Pope Is For The Iran Deal

John Kasich says he was raised Catholic, which presents an interesting matchup between him and the Holy Father, God’s vicar on earth, who will be visiting the United States for the first time. Speaking at the International Atomic Energy Agency conference in Vienna last week, the Vatican’s foreign minister praised President Obama’s Iran deal, saying that “the way to resolve disputes and difficulties should always be that of dialogue and negotiation.”

Ohio’s “Mr. Military Option” will never back down from any of his statements, no matter how funny, irrelevant or down right wrong they may be, and there’s no limit to that deep well. John Kasich is ready to fund costly war. He’s also ready to balance the budget by making cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

If his goal is his “eternal salvation,” as he’s said his political life has been, Gov. Kasich better get on the right side of the Lord for a change.