From the daily archives: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

P.G. Sittenfeld’s poll numbers are technically somehow worse than when he entered the race seven months ago.  His campaign manager quit six months ago and has never been replaced.  Despite earlier denials to the contrary, his campaign finance reports shows his fundraising is drying up.  His campaign has, for some reason, decided to pick a fight with organized labor and decry its influence in the Ohio Democratic Party.  And he seems to do as many actual campaign events going out speaking with Ohio voters in a month than Ted Strickland is doing in a day.

So […]

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Did you see that President Obama’s renaming of Mt. McKinley up in Alaska was called  a “political stunt” ?  You could find “stunt” in big letters on the Beacon Journal’s front page, courtesy of an “irritated” former Rep. Ralph Regula, 90,  a Republican from Navarre who has fought the name-change idea well before Obama  entered office.

It figured.  Obama’s opponents have found him to be a convenient lightning rod for anything that goes wrong in our daily lives, from rain delays in baseball games to pie crust that sticks to the pan.  In this instance, however, the president’s co-conspirator is […]

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Does it sound suspicious that Gov. John Kasich’s pick to head the “Office of Quality School Choice and Funding”, David Hansen, “acted alone,” as one report indicates, when he falsified school data that made for-profit charter schools look better than they are, which kept their state spigot on when it should have been shut off?

Does it sound suspicious that Gov. John Kasich’s pick to run the Employment Relations Board, Terry Casey, acted as a self-proclaimed “self-starter” when he became the central figure in a bare-knuckles political scheme to derail the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s candidate for governor […]

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This week, we’ve seen a significant number of Ohio’s public officials band together to come out forcefully and take a strong stand. This is rare. Unfortunately, the strong stand revolves around the stupidest “controversy” in the news cycle, and their united hysteria is nothing short of facepalm-embarrassing.

Yes, I’m talking about the renaming of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. asked followers on Facebook whether they cared that the mountain was renamed and the responses ranged from a flat, “No,” to shrugs, snark, and sarcasm.

President Wm. McKinley, you see, was an Ohioan, so naturally it falls upon Ohio’s politicians to bang […]

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