From the daily archives: Saturday, September 26, 2015

What a difference spending $5 million or more makes when candidates for president promote themselves as the political equivalent of a new laundry detergent guaranteed to take the stain out while making your clothes whiter and brighter.

You might think that buying goodwill with on-air TV ads instead of earning it on the ground where it counts would be easy, especially in a tiny state like New Hampshire that barely merits two congressional districts but where a lackluster candidate can take off if they place well.

Kasich’s ‘New Hampshire Miracle?’

A world-class exaggerator, Ohio Gov. John Kasich called his […]

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John Kasich probably never once gave a thought to serving his country in the military. Instead, he chose to enrich himself [up to $22 million] through partisan Republican politics and all the riches that could be mined from serving in Congress for 18 years.

As Ohio’s governor is wont to do, he’s again shooting from the lip and talking tough. After thousands dead, including about 188 from Ohio, he’s ready to squander more American blood and treasure to fight unwinnable wars in Syria and Iraq. John Kasich has stated he’s ready to re-engage in the Middle East for […]

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