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For an upcoming episode, we are asking you, the reader, to submit some of your questions about Ohio and national politics.

To get you started, here are some of the things everyone wants to know – such as:

Will Republicans in the Ohio Legislature try to pass restrictions […]

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After Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina dropped out of the Republican race for president in February, she was on track to be little more than a history book footnote as the only woman to run against 16 men in the 2016 campaign.

On Wednesday, her footnote status got a reprieve when Texas Senator Ted Cruz, running a distant second to Donald Trump, named her his pick for vice president.

Both Sen. Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich trail GOP league leader Donald Trump by insurmountable margins, as both try to prevent Trump from earning enough delegates in the field to win […]

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Tuesday was another great day for Donald John Trump. Sadly, it was another bad day for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who got washed overboard as voters in five states deluged the Donald with their votes.

The New York billionaire and businessman folk hero shellacked Mr. Kasich and Mr. Cruz with win margins in the mid-60s in some states, putting to rest his critics complaints that he couldn’t break 50-percent. Donald Trump gloated on his big wins, telling fans, friends and media gathered at Trump Tower in New York City that hitting 50 percent with two […]

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It’s undisputed that about half of Ohio’s abortion clinics have closed as a direct result of Gov. John Kasich and a far-right Republican-led legislature working hand-in-glove, since 2011, to pass a series of restrictions to their operations.

Gov. Kasich, who spent 18 years in congress before parlaying his time there into lucrative jobs with Lehman Brothers and the Fox News Network, remains in the GOP race for president, even though by delegate count [149] he still trails Florida Senator Marco Rubio [173], who dropped out more than a month ago, by 24 delegates.

Media have mostly been myopic to […]

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“Me? No, I’m not desperate — are you? Are you desperate?” Ohio Gov. John Kasich snarked at one reporter, whose question on why the fourth man in a three-candidate race entered into a so-called agreement with Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump in upcoming Republican primaries made the 63-year old term-limited chief executive lose his cool again.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, running second in delegates to Donald Trump, and Gov. Kasich, who Trump nicknamed “1 for 38” remains in the race but has fewer delegates than Florida Sen. Marco Rubio who bowed out more than a month ago, […]

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In a follow up to Plunderbund’s report last Wednesday on Ohio senior U.S. Senator Sherrod’s call to citizens to voice their views on a proposal by Gov. John Kasich that would increase costs for Ohioans using Medicaid if Federal authorities agree to rule changes, Sen. Brown held an event at the Statehouse in Columbus Monday to bring home his concern for how hundreds of thousands of Medicaid-eligible Buckeyes will be required to pay more and struggle with new program caps imposed by Kasich Administration health officials.

Gov. John Kasich has been running for president for ten months, and one […]

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Missing from Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people, sorted by categories like Titans, Pioneers, Artists, Leaders or Icons, was Ohio’s two-term, fourth-man in a three-candidate presidential race, the Honorable Governor of Ohio, John Richard Kasich.

Under Time’s list of leaders, President Obama made it as did Hillary Clinton. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker and even Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the GOP race a while back, made the cut.

Maybe Time staffers didn’t read Gov. Kasich’s laugh-out-loud interviews with the New York Daily News or the Washington Post, that had […]

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As the curtain rose on the next act of the Theater of the Absurd, we learned of a deal between John Kasich and Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump (with a president to be named later,I presume). In one of dumbest ideas since Abe Lincoln and other Unionists worked to block the secession of Texas. Kasich will get Rhode Island for the April 26 primary trade while Cruz receives Indiana on May 3.

Folks, I needn’t tell you that once Trump learned of the deal he shattered the order of the universe with sarcastic outrage. “Pathetic” he bellowed to a […]

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To laugh or to cry, dear Buckeyes, that is the question. In recent years, state lawmakers in Ohio have set about the business of underfunding education, undermining teachers unions, improperly tying student test scores to teacher evaluations, and rigging the game to prop up a for-profit charter school industry that has become the laughingstock of the nation.

If you know public school teachers around Ohio, and talk to them, you’ll find morale is low, stress is high and the joy of learning is being robbed from students while the joy of instruction exists now only as a fond memory. Quotas, scores, standards, […]

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More than 2,000 suspected terrorists attempted to legally buy guns in the United States between 2004 and 2014, and over 91 percent of them succeeded, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Active shooter terrorism is a growing threat in America, as illustrated prominently by the San Bernadino shooting this past December. In fact, since September 11, 2001, nearly every terror attack in the United States has involved firearms.

But a loophole in federal law – known as the “terror gap” – allows known and suspected terrorists to pass a criminal background check and legally buy a gun.

Does that sound absurd […]

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Did “the little engine than can” just get derailed in Cleveland? “This apparently closes the door on any chance that Kasich ever had to be nominated at the convention,” The Washington Times reported James Bopp Jr., special counsel to the RNC Rules Committee, said Thursday in Hollywood, Florida, to the Republican National Convention panel on the impact of a proposal to simplify the rules for the presidential nomination.

At issue was whether a mere majority was needed to reopen nominations, per the proposed adoption of Robert’s Rules of Order, or whether the current rules used by the U.S. House of Representatives that […]

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