In a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday afternoon by the UCLA School of Law and an Ohio attorney, three Ohio-based Plaintiffs are challenging a recently enacted Ohio law (HB 151, 131st GA) that purports to criminalize constitutionally protected political and other expression on the Internet on First and Fourteenth Amendment grounds.

Eugene Volokh of the Scott & Cyan Banister First Amendment Clinic UCLA School of Law and Raymond V. Vasvari, Jr. of Cleveland will represent Tom Zawistowski, on behalf on the The Portage County TEA Party, Inc., Joseph Mismas, on behalf of Plunderbund LLC, […]

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Since 2012 when Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel lost his first go at unseating U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, he’s been the odds-on favorite to take another run at the task in 2018.

(Plunderbund commented recently on Mandel’s faux concern for transparency, when operating in the dark is what he’d rather do to keep his dealings from prying public eyes.)

In office, Mandel has focused his time and attention on gearing up for another run at Brown, his duties coming second to his political ambition for a campaign full of twists, turns and potholes.

In the wake of Donald Trump winning by […]

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Ohio State Rep. Kathleen Clyde, D-Kent, declared her candidacy for Ohio Secretary of State in 2018 Tuesday morning in Columbus.

Term-limited from representing the 75th House District for another term, Clyde pledged to “put the people of Ohio first by bringing real accountability and transparency to her office and securing and modernizing our elections so that every Ohioan’s vote counts and every Ohioan’s voice is heard.”

The announcement today by Rep. Clyde about her run for the open SOS seat next year has long been anticipated.

Promoting herself as a leading voice statewide for voters’ rights, she said […]

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Primary Election Day 2017 rolled around Tuesday May 2, and again, it was a sad day for participatory democracy. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, freedom and bravery were in short supply, as only 6.84 percent of registered voters in Franklin County bothered to vote. The totals in central Ohio and every other county would be even lower if ballots cast were compared to the total of age-eligible adults who are not registered to vote.

In Stark County, The Canton Repository Editorial Board  recently boo-hooed that voter turnout “stunk.” On observation […]

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Ohio’s senior U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown went to bat for consumer protections during his weekly conference call last Wednesday, criticizing attempts in the House to dismantle Wall Street reforms that would undermine the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Regarding President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, Brown tweeted, “Now more than ever, we need an independent investigation into Russian ties to ensure American people can have full confidence in findings.”

Brown also released a statement noting that Comey’s tenure as FBI Director had been marred by questionable judgment but adding that he wants to learn more about the reasons […]

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The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network (WPPN) held a press conference Friday morning in downtown Columbus, where speakers ripped the impacts on women if the Republican’s  “American Health Care Act” were operational today.

The lineup of speakers included Janetta King, Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network and President of Innovation Ohio, Dr. Beth Liston, pediatrician, Wendy Patton, Policy Matters Ohio, Linda Kanney, National Coalition of 100 Black Women Central Ohio Chapter and Joanna Saul, Planned Parenthood.

The purpose behind today’s media event was to detail reasons to oppose the AHCA , the impacts of which were said to be “disproportionately harmful…on women.” […]

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If you have spent 60 seconds following the political career of Rep. Jim Renacci of Wadsworth you must be aware that the wealthy Republican is deeply rooted in the conservative depths of his party. You can figure him for two bedtime stories: America’s survival depends on (1) reductions in taxes and (2) ending the regulatory oppression of the federal government.

An early Trump surrogate, Renacci has now decided to upgrade his career by running for Ohio governor in 2018 in a field that promises to be clogged with GOP officeholders. That could take a lot more effort than running for […]

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Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday creating a “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.”  In typical Trump fashion, he has literally picked the worst people possible for the commissioner jobs.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will co-chair the commission.  Kobach, you may remember, is the guy who made up the false claim that millions of illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.   A lie that Trump still repeats.

The list of commissioners also includes Ohio’s best known mismanager of elections: Ken Blackwell.

Back in 2004 Blackwell served as Ohio Secretary of State, […]

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Ohio Governor John Kasich ended his national book tour last Friday with a guest appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

In Los Angeles to promote his book “Two Paths: Divided or United?” the governor, who last year got his “ass kicked” as show host Bill Maher described the beating he took after losing 49 GOP primaries and caucuses, turned in his best performance to date on why he’s upset with both political parties, and why his voice on a variety of issues will continue to be heard even after he departs office in about 18 months.


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Oxymorons are standard rhetorical fare in American politics today. Jumbo shrimp, deafening silence, found missing, and now Trumpcare, are common examples of putting opposites together to make odd sense.

In the classic dystopian work “1984,” author George Orwell coined some of histories best oxymorons: “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery,” Ignorance is strength.”

If a picture of State Treasurer Josh Mandel was posted next to “transparently opaque,” it would be a suitable visual for someone who talks transparency for purposes of political expediency, because he thinks it’s good politics his base of Trumpian voters will go for, but who tries […]

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I first met Dennis Kucinich in the early days of his Cleveland mayoral campaign in 1977. He had invited me on the phone to spend a day on the trail in his improbable quest to dump Ralph Perk as the beleaguered city’s chief executive. I pecked through the city’s west side in uncertainty before finding his modest home. A few taps on the door and it swung open . A diminutive figure greeted me: “You’re late!” he scolded. (five minutes or so). Little did I realize that it would be the beginning of an epic challenge to a political reporter’s […]

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