Leave it to a book club discussion about The Great Recession to make you start thinking about things other than financial crashes. Like charter schools, for example.

That’s what happened when our group assembled recently to discuss Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises, former Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner’s book about the implosion of financial markets at the end of the George W. Bush administration.  Geithner defines a stress test as the result of when “Regulators would delve into the books of major financial firms to calculate how much additional capital they would need to survive.”

There was […]

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Last week the big news out of TrumpLand was that campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was out amidst allegations of his unseemly lobbying activities for the former Russian-backed Ukrainian president.

Note the yellow highlights. One would assume that in order to completely remove the stench, fellow staffer, Rick Gates — whom the AP said was intimately involved in the Ukriaine influence-peddling scheme–would have been let go as well, right?

Nope. Still at the campaign, according to the official spokes-trumpkin:

Also still on the campaign? The guy who said the holocaust couldn’t have happened because the ovens weren’t big enough:


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To hear the Columbus Dispatch tell it, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman’s lead in the polls over former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is driven by his campaign RV as he tools around the Buckeye State, pressin’ the flesh, back-slappin’, glad-handin’, county fairin’, and otherwise gettin’ on the level with regular folk.

And, Strickland, by contrast, is portrayed as a 75-year-old “old-school, old-man” who is running a “campaign that is failing to engage voters.” Woof. Didn’t the Wolfes sell? It’s not until the 17th ‘graph that the Dispatch mentions in passing the “flood of TV commercials by special-interest groups.”

Talk about […]

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A Book Directly From Trump’s Bio

On August 22, 2016 By

I finished reading David Cay Johnston’s book, “The Making of Donald Trump”, the day before the Republican nominee was to burst into Akron with another yarn about making America great. Johnston is a legendary investigative reporter who has adorned his credentials with a number of journalism awards, including a Pulitzer. So this volume, published in July, should be treated with respect and not as a paste-up pot-boiler that arrives in time for another election. You may know him from his guest TV appearances..

The book has doubtless been churning around in Johnston’s bearded head for decades. And the character that […]

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Ohio’s largest for-profit charter school, ECOT, is embroiled in a contentious lawsuit with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the rhetoric has been ramping up all summer long, with ECOT now running regular commercials claiming that ODE is trying to shut down the school.  We recently shared that the media company employed by ECOT (via the school’s management company). Third Wave Communications, is run by Jessica Lager Harris, the daughter of Altair and IQ Innovations owner, and ECOT founder, Bill Lager.

For the past decade plus, Bill Lager has been a major donor to campaigns of […]

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As Hillary Clinton took the stage Wednesday in Cleveland at John Marshall High School, her campaign manager, Robby Mook, was on the phone to field questions from reporters after delivering a blistering assessment of Donald Trump’s new team of advisers.

When he made brief remarks to the Ohio delegation in Philadelphia for the DNC nominating convention in late July, Mook recounted his deep roots in Ohio vis a vis his parents and grandparents, who were born in Ohio. One relative, a Republican uncle, ran for political office and lost. Mook said with a big grin, pounding the podium, “Let’s continue […]

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First-term Massachusetts Congressman and Iraq veteran Seth Moulton was in Columbus Tuesday, to explain why he thinks GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump would be a dangerous leader whose world views could endanger families across the nation and in Ohio.

After Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech in Youngstown on Monday, Congressman Moulton defended Hillary Clinton. the Democratic nominee, as steady and experienced, a leader who will keep the country safe. Included in his list of Trump criticisms was a lack of foreign policy knowledge and dangerous world views.

On the same day, Mrs. Clinton’s pick for vice […]

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With a little over four score days before voters cast their ballot, former Gov. Ted Strickland drove home some key differences between him and Rob Portman, Ohio’s first-term Republican senator in Washington, at an event held in downtown Columbus Tuesday.

Gov. Strickland stressed his long-standing allegiance to public schools and public school teachers.  He has been endorsed by the Ohio Education Association and the Ohio Federation of Teachers.

Launching what was called “Educators for Strickland,” the former congressman and governor contrasted his views on education with those of Sen. Portman. Going over familiar ground on his biography, Strickland, who said he’ll […]

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With two years left in his final term as Ohio governor, will John Kasich be more dangerous now than before? He’s been brazen in many ways since he came to power in 2011, yet he’s suffered few if any repercussions or scars from sleepy state watchdogs or myopic media.

“You don’t think I’m going to go to sleep here in the last two years. I’m just ramping up,” Kasich said, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Despite plundering cities and schools, deceitfully using federal Medicaid funds or enacting self-serving, dark-side budget gymnastics that show his true colors as a […]

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The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT), has been running appalling commercials against the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) as part of its public relations campaign to prevent ODE from conducting an audit of the eschool’s attendance.  The school has been running these commercials on television and had them produced after they filed a lawsuit in Franklin County in an attempt to stop ODE.  You can read about and see the ads here and here.

It turns out that ECOT founder Bill Lager hired his own daughter’s company to produce those commercials and other media for the school using […]

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The news from Donald Trump’s campaign Friday about the launch of 15 regional field offices in Ohio sounds great until it’s paired with where Mitt Romney was at this point four years ago and how far ahead Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now.

The Trump campaign’s 15 field offices will coordinate with the hub headquarters office in Columbus, but not included is an office in Hamilton County, a key county that voted for President Obama twice but historically supports Republican candidates like Senator Rob Portman, who Congressional district was there, or Robert Taft, a twice-elected Republican governor with deep family […]

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