Dr. George Wood, an education policy expert serving as Superintendent of Federal Hocking Local School District, provides three easy budget fixes in this article for the Athens Messenger.

These “fixes” would provide some relief in the short term. In the long term, state officials must revisit the Ohio Supreme Court’s decisions in DeRolph and give the system a complete systematic overhaul as directed by the Court.

Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

First, end the transfer of local tax dollars to electronic charter schools (e-schools). Second, the legislature should act to reduce the number of tests Ohio school […]

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The Chops Of Trump’s Dark Epic

On February 16, 2017 By

Another day. Another scandal in the dark epic of Trump world. The president’s ex-national security advisor, Mike Flynn, who apparently was giving as much advice to Russian intelligence as he was during the campaign to the looming occupants of the White House.

Oh, a vice president who wasn’t in the loop when bad things were taking place.

The president at his royal Floridian resort on the public dime while doing open-air foreign policy, documents and all, as fancy people who paid $200,000 annual memberships gawked and took pictures. No surprise. The White House oarsmen are now saying the real problem […]

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Governor John Kasich’s latest budget bill, House Bill 49, contains a variety of non-budget related legislation (as has always been the case), but one short section tucked far into the budget has captured the attention of teachers and administrators more than any other — a requirement to complete an “internship”, of sorts, in order to renew a license.

Here is the exact language from page 1,056 of the bill:

Sec. 3319.236. Beginning September 1, 2018, the state board of education’s rules for the renewal of educator licenses shall require each applicant for renewal of a license to complete an on-site work experience with […]

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What could President Donald Trump’s tax returns tell us? What’s he hiding? He already admitted that he doesn’t pay federal income taxes, and hasn’t for 20 years. He was elected anyway, so it’s not that.

Could it be that he’s not nearly as rich as he’d have everyone believe? His sense of self-worth revolves around his wealth, so this is a plausible possibility. It’s not really important because it speaks mostly to his vanity, but it would embarrass him far more greatly than anything else – his pathological lying, his hair, his sense of fashion, his bigotry, his ignorance, […]

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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown didn’t serve in the military. His likely challenger in 2018, the same candidate he beat in 2012, did serve in the military. State Treasurer Josh Mandel, who prominently features his eight years in the U.S. Marine Reserves on his campaign website, would likely privatize healthcare for servicemen if he could, putting them in harm’s way again off the battlefield.

Privatization would fail to provide veterans with the specialized care and services they need, and veterans groups overwhelmingly oppose privatization of their health care. For these two reasons alone, Sen. Brown, who apparently has commissioned himself a […]

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As we lovers of the Republic flood our Congressional representatives and U.S. Senators with letters and phone calls objecting to the horror show going on in our nation’s capital, busybody Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly are getting to work introducing some truly hurtful legislation in the form of “right to work.”

It’s time they get a taste of the letters and phone calls their friends at the national level are receiving.

As Plunderbund reported last night, state Rep. John Becker, of Union Township in Clermont County, has introduced House Bill 53, which would inflict so-called “right to […]

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State Rep. John Becker has taken a short break from trying to legislate what Ohioans can and can’t do with their genitals in order to sponsor a bill aimed at killing public sector union membership in our state.

The bill is cosponsored by state reps Hood, Brinkman, Dean, Thompson, Vitale, Goodman, Riedel, Roegner, Merrin, Antani, Zeltwanger, Keller.

Here is the full text of the proposed bill:

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ATHENS – For around 18 months in his early 20s, Daniel Rupert was homeless in Athens, living out of a large duffel bag, spending his days at Ohio University’s Alden Library and spending his nights in either a tucked-away part of the alley behind Chipotle, on the steps by Glidden Hall, or close to the outside heating vents near Alden.

“You learn pretty quickly that vagrancy is frowned upon,” he said in an interview late last month. Rupert, now 28, had already used up his 90-day allotment at the Timothy House shelter for people experiencing homelessness on Athens’ West Side.


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If hard-of-learning syndrome was a real disease, Ohio Gov. John Kasich would be the poster child for it. It’s sad if not tragic when a 64-year old man who’s been wrong so many times before refuses to give an inch when it comes to learning that what he believes in deeply is so deeply flawed.

But basic Kasich says stick to your guns even when they aren’t loaded anymore. In defiance of his poor record of creating jobs with massive tax cuts to those who need it least, scuttlebutt around the statehouse in Columbus says the confident quack governor is […]

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When Delusion Creates Fumes

On February 11, 2017 By

Considering how badly things have been going for D. Trump these days – from the failed mission in Yemen that he approved from his dinner table to his failed prediction that he would win his immigration case “easily” in the appellate court – we should all wonder about the health of his altered state. And I didn’t ’t even mention the part about Kellyanne Conway’s foolish retailing appeals and Sean Spicer’s beleaguered efforts to force the tattered genie back into his thimble. Just today, NY Times Columnist Gail Collins observed that Spicer was the “Most Miserable Man on Earth” […]

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It’s just starting, so get used to it—the battle to determine who will represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate in 2019, that is. Will it be two-term Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown? Or will it be two-term Republican Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, his likely but not Republican-Party endorsed challenger?

Mandel tried but failed to unseat Brown in 2012 even though more than $40 million was spent on his behalf by the likes of the Koch Brothers and other Republican donors whose deep pockets had money to burn then, and will again this cycle.

“Sherrod Brown shouldn’t be a US Senator,” exclaimed […]

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