There’s no better surrogate to talk you up than one of your own. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton, was in Westerville, Ohio, Thursday afternoon to help open the 54th campaign office for the Clinton-Kaine campaign.

Hillary Clinton is engaged in a historic fight with her Republican presidential opponent Donald Trump, who recent polls show has edged out in front of the former secretary of state by five points in Ohio after trailing her in the key battleground state for many months.

Speaking to 125 energized Clinton campaign supporters, daughter Chelsea listed many reasons why Democrats must capture […]

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A platoon of educators Tuesday afternoon gathered outside a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Upper Arlington, an affluent suburb of Columbus with The Ohio State University nearby, to declare their support for the Clinton-Kaine presidential ticket, especially on issues related to education.

Comments delivered emphasized that “to make the economy work for everyone, every child — no matter his or her background — should have access to a high-quality education and praising her decades-long record of fighting for children and families.”

Becky Higgins, Ohio Education Association President, Melissa Cropper, Ohio Federation of Teachers President, high school Social Studies teacher Phil […]

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Being a journalist based in Ohio, concerned about gerrymandering and bought elections myself, Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper’s new, first novel, “The People’s House,” speaks to me in more ways than one.

It is about a journalist, based in Ohio, concerned about gerrymandering and political intrigue, and uncovering a plot involving globalist corporate chicanery, the power struggle of Washington D.C., and the darkest of political crimes.

Pepper has penned an immensely readable novel in the form of a political thriller centered around the investigative journalism of fictional Youngstown Vindicator reporter Jack Sharpe. Sharpe is no intrepid cub reporter, but an […]

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On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown voiced his strong support for special accountability and transparency conditions placed on a $71 million charter school grant awarded to Ohio by the U.S. Department of Education.

Senator Brown, in his second term representing Ohio in Washington but looking ahead two years to another reelection cycle, offered ample reasons why Ohio’s expensive system of for-profit “pubic” schools rightfully qualifies for scandal status. He said it’s a disgrace that has defrauded taxpayers so much that its national reputation earned it the ignominious title, “the wild west” of charter school systems […]

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Ted Strickland said Tuesday that voters haven’t cast their ballots yet, but when they do, common sense will prevail after they learn that Senator Rob Portman, his incumbent Republican opponent, and Donald Trump are in sync with the interests of the wealthy, but not theirs, especially when it comes to rights for women, workers, students and seniors.

With about 56 days until Nov. 8, Mr. Strickland believes he’s on the right side of the issues and Portman is on the wrong side, and voters will wise up to the difference, especially if media does a better job of understanding who […]

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Edgar Hoover and James Jesus Angleton, where are you, now that we really need you?

Hoover, the long-time FBI Director, and Angleton, the CIA’s legendary Director of Counterintelligence, were they alive today, might be digging at a furious pace to find out if GOP standard bearer Donald Trump could be a mole working in plain view for the Kremlin’s Vladimir Putin.

Sound crazy? Not really.

In a plot twist that would cause fiction writers to scratch their heads, presidential candidate Donald Trump has embraced the Russian dictator, viewing him as a more effective leader than President Barack Obama. During the […]

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Today, Trump campaign representatives spelled out a plan he is prepared to unveil tonight to provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to new parents through unemployment benefits for those whose employers don’t offer paid maternity leave. There are a number of immediately obvious problems with the plan.

(Birth?) Mothers Only

According to reporting by the Washington Post, the plan would apply to mothers and not be transferable to fathers. This flies in the face of considerable research showing that when fathers take paternity leave, it leads to a number of positive outcomes for children and parents. For example, when men take leave to […]

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Gov. John Kasich got his hand slapped Friday by federal officials for trying to force people poor enough to qualify for Medicaid to dig deeper into their already tapped wallets to prove they are personally responsible for their health care actions.

Ohio’s lame duck governor who ran and lost 49 state Republican contests this year, and who refuses to pay back taxpayers for the costs incurred protecting him this year on the presidential campaign trail, has for decades blathered about personal responsibility for everyone, it seems. but himself and a close knit kitchen cabinet of political operatives and others who […]

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The latest Quinnipiac University Poll, released Friday, shows the state of the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in four important battleground states is close in some and tied in others.

What the numbers mean is important as all but 13 states approach days of early voting. Nationwide, about 45.6 million people or roughly 35 percent of the electorate voted prior to Election Day in 2012, and that number is expected to increase in 2016, the AP reported.

The presidential race in Florida is a toss up at 47 percent; North Carolina favors Clinton over Trump 47-43; Trump […]

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Massachusetts’ firebrand first-term Senator Elizabeth Warren is on a march, foe in sight. The woman from Oklahoma, who many wanted to run for president this year but who instead is a powerful surrogate for Hillary Clinton, is demanding explanation from insurance giant Aetna about pulling out of health care exchanges organized via Obamacare, officially called the Patient Protection and Affordability Act [ACA].

Warren can’t be seen by Wall Street as anything other than a crusading Joan of Arc ready to bear down on them, guided by faith but holding a sword. Is she crazy not-in-love with them, yes. But aren’t […]

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Lost in the fray of what is probably the craziest election year ever, is a recent report about the health of Ohio’s public pension systems — one that should probably cause any Ohioan paying into those systems a bit of concern.

As outlined in an article by John Damschroder, a former member of Gov. George Voinovich’s administration no less, Ohio’s public pension systems are currently “sinking in the quicksand of terrible investment returns and ultra high expenses.”

According to Damschroder, “Ohio relies on secretive alternative investments more than any state in America” and because of this, the state’s five public pensions ended […]

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