Indiana and Ohio share a common border. Their respective governors, Michael Richard Pence in Indiana and John Richard Kasich in Ohio, also share the same middle name.

They also share virtually identical governing philosophies and program policies, that have consistently put laws into place that hurt workers and women, suppress voting, reward the wealthy with more tax cuts and attack public schools, among other retrograde political initiatives.

After years in office as state CEOs, Indiana and Ohio’s leaders have produced mediocre results at best, even though each enjoys a GOP-led legislature that with few exceptions cater to their political and […]

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Trump’s VP Charade

On July 14, 2016 By

The breathless charade, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s search for a veep, is a perfect setting for his need  to prevail over others  in his realm.  Even staid CNN described the theatrics as  “drama” and  “intrigue”.  Trump could have written those words himself.  In short order, he has created a group of celebrity supplicants who are prepared to give up their souls to be on Trump’s team.  He’s  a control freak whose ego swells with every photo-op as he rises to deliver America from evil.

By mid-week, his A-list had included ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a tattered hitchhiker these days […]

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As Republicans and their renegades fracture over their presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, securing the party’s nomination in Cleveland next week, Hillary Clinton was all smiles last week when President Obama signed on to her campaign.

Her smiles were as big Tuesday when her chief Democratic challenger this year, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, vowed his allegiance to help elect her the next, and the first woman, president at a joint rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton, who national polls show leading Trump by about five percentage points, and Senator Bernie Sanders came together today, embracing each other on more […]

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He didn’t let go with a rebel yell like he did in 2004 when he was the Democratic outsider candidate looking to shake up the world, but in Ohio’s capital city Thursday, former Vermont Governor and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Dr. Howard Dean, did let go with a blistering attack on Donald Trump, the Republican presidential primary winner who’s expected to leave Cleveland next week with the GOP nomination in-hand.

At a presser event held at a phone banking event near downtown with former Democratic Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland, Dr. Dean didn’t hold back his high-profile fire on […]

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Gov. John Kasich’s administration decided last year that some exempt employees were not fairly compensated compared with some highly paid union employees. A provision was slipped into House Bill 64, the state budget, in June 2015 to add a step on top of the pay scale, one report noted.

Few will recall while some won’t want to recall when citizen Kasich, campaigning for governor in 2010, joked about how some of his management class hires would probably see bonus pay if he was elected governor.

All that joking wasn’t joking, it was Lehman Brothers banker Kasich signaling his […]

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Ohio’s lame duck governor is ready to duck and cover when it comes to helping his party’s presumptive presidential nominee win the general election this fall.

John Weaver, Gov. John Kasich’s top political adviser, said there had never been any possibility that his boss would join forces with Donald Trump, the New York Times reported Tuesday. The governor will defend “his own brand of Republicanism” and hasn’t been shy in blasting the Donald.

“We made sure there were no expectations back in May,” Mr. Weaver said. “No avenue. No way. Not happening. Forget about it.”


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I am exhausted. After all multiple head explosions take their toll. And it’s only July.

I try hard to keep up with the current Presidential Campaign. I follow assorted news sites on Twitter and Facebook. I have Google and Yahoo news aggregating sites. I read opinion pieces here and across the web. I have been called an information sponge (and not in a good way) by people who were once in my life and not there now.

Keeping up with the daily wild accusations, defenses, damage control, outright misrepresention of facts and complete denial of reality is getting to be […]

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Last week, the state’s largest charter school, ECOT, filed a request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) from conducting an (already-delayed-by-request) review of ECOT documents.  The claims by ECOT are unfounded and hold no basis in law, and the ODE response filed today calls the school out.

You can read ECOT’s full request for a temporary restraining order here.

The response filed today (get pdf copy here) by ODE is below:

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For devotees of social media, Facebook is a great place to view thousands of cat videos, faded high school prom photos and snapshots from someone’s last vacation. And everything else imaginable.

But one recent post had nothing to do with cats. Or proms. Or for that matter, someone’s recent trip to Myrtle Beach. Instead, three short sentences written on Facebook in early June by GOP Rep. Andrew Brenner of Delaware County speak volumes about what is wrong with public education policy in Ohio.

“I attended the ECOT graduation today. Cliff Rosenberger was the keynote speaker. It was impressive.”

Never mind […]

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He thought he was going to be the Lord’s and the country’s choice to lead Republicans to victory against Democrats this fall. The icing on John Kasich’s cake this year was for a mailman’s son to humbly accept the presidential mantel at a national convention in Cleveland in his home state.

But then Ohio’s lame duck governor woke up one morning in early May, after winning just one race and losing 49 others, to find the Lord had surprised everybody by letting New York’s billionaire real estate mogul Donald John Trump lead the party faithful forward.

Basic Kasich took the […]

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Plunderbund has set the standard for coverage of Gov. John Kasich’s secret and successful derailing of Ohio Libertarian Party candidate Charlie Earl from the 2014 ballot. The case brought by the Ohio Libertarian Party is now in a federal appeals court and briefs are due on July 15th.

Clerk of the Court Deborah S. Hunt wrote on June 7, “Upon review of the plaintiffs-appellants’ motion for emergency relief pending appeal and/or to expedite briefing, it hereby is ORDERED that briefing in this appeal be expedited. The clerk is directed to enter a briefing schedule, with briefing to be […]

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