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As our president continues to strut around the globe to sustain his mitered command of his office, let’s s not forget that there’s still work to be done by his apostles back home.

So I’ve gathered some of their useless comments for you to translate as you will as I hopelessly toy with the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. Hope you have better luck than I:

Energy secretary Rick Perry, an unbridled  zealot for fossil fuels,  linking them to a barrier against  sexual assault:

“Let me tell you where people are dying is in Africa,” Perry said in Newsweek upon his return from […]

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Where’s all the bellyaching about the impact of the Republican/Trump Tax Cut-A-Palooza on the debt and deficit? For eight years during the Obama Administration it seemed like all any Republican politician could focus on was the debt and the deficit. They held the government hostage to it, and now nary a peep.

Of course, this is entirely predictable because the issue’s never been the debt and the deficit – not really. They don’t care about the debt and deficit when they are taking the country to war, and they don’t care about the debt and deficit when they are funneling […]

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The president of the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association slammed the U.S. Congressional Republican tax plan last week that gives millionaires and corporations lavish tax breaks but hurts working families.

OSCEA President Chris Mabe called the GOP proposal being pushed by the Trump Administration a dangerous plan that doubles down on the same policies that have only helped the rich and powerful grow more rich and powerful, and failed the rest of us for decades.

“The tax plan released by congressional leaders today will hurt the communities that public employees, including our members, work around the clock to keep safe, healthy and […]

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“President Donald Trump and GOP leaders offered thoughts and prayers to the victims of a Texas church shooting Sunday, setting off inevitable complaints about their dodging of gun control talk after yet another deadly mass shooting.” – Newsweek

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families…

That tired, predictable, and canned refrain is uttered ritualistically by politicians in response to the latest American mass shooting.

Count on it.

We heard that hackneyed phrase yet again on Sunday, as we listened to reports on the most recent example of people losing […]

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A man who helped gerrymander Ohio in 2011 with “last minute ‘tweaks’” to absurd Republican-drawn maps that rigged elections in favor of the GOP is now asking Ohio voters to put him in an office where he would have the opportunity to do it again.

State Rep. Keith Faber, R-Celina, has spent the last 17 years in the Ohio Statehouse wielding influence as a state representative, then a state senator, then Ohio Senate President, and now a state representative again. He is as establishment as they come in an era where Ohioans’ wages have stagnated and drug addiction […]

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When 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda wanted to take down America on the cheap, they didn’t need an armada of ships and soldiers landing in New York Harbor on Sept. 11, 2001 to accomplish their mission.

Far easier, and far less costly, they used existing tools to carry out that day’s deadly damage. They bought tickets on commercial American airplanes, then turned them into their own malicious air force by flying them into targets including the twin towers in lower Manhattan.

The George W. Bush administration had been warned in early 2000 that just such an attack might happen, but […]

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A few gleaming nuggets from Trump Americana to brighten the remainder of your day:

Word from the White Guy House is that the president wants to rename his proposed tax reform measure to be the “Cut Cut Cut Act.” More fertile an identity for his base. No, I didn’t make this up. Just Donald being Donald, a “nut, nut, nut” being a “nut, nut, nut.”

* * * * *

FROM CNN came the report of how Donald Trump Jr., the royally rich dauphin of the guy in the White House, politicized Halloween with a lesson in economic systems. He […]

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On his Wednesday call with reporters when the U.S Senate is in session, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown had as his guest on the call, Richard Rogovin , chairman of U.S. Bridge, a steel bridge manufacturer and contractor in southeastern Ohio.

The purpose of the weekly call is to address a topic Brown is engaged on, and this call was to discuss the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank). Brown is calling on Congress to restore to full strength to the bank that provides financing to help American businesses and manufacturers […]

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While gerrymandering leaves the winning team drawing the field of play to their perpetual advantage, the dark money that finances political campaigns in America today leaves politicians in thrall to special interests and in an endless state of fundraising.

This is the other ailment undercutting democracy in the United States, Democratic Ohio Auditor candidate Zack Space said in a sit-down interview with Plunderbund last week. Space has courageously centered his campaign around combatting these two ills, gerrymandering and unaccountable campaign finance.

In an article Monday, we covered his take on the disastrous results of gerrymandering, its disenfranchisement of […]

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Trump’s Tax-cut Obsession

On November 2, 2017 By

With Team Trump shaken by the indictments of three campaign apparatchiks in the Russian investigation, the besieged president did what comes naturally for him: He packed the room with white-guy reinforcements to change the subject, promising that tax cuts for the middle class were on the way.

Defiant words from the lips of a guy who quite likely never met a middle class American. Didn’t have to in his plush universe that seeded his career with a $1 million gift from his father.

George Papadopoulos, who already pleaded guilty a couple of weeks ago to lying to the Feds? The […]

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New York Magazine published a celebrity journalism article by Lisa Miller titled “John Kasich Is Already Running.” “For the Ohio governor,” the subtitle continued, “the campaign against Trump never stopped. And it won’t till 2020.”

It’s another in a series of “in-depth” looks at Ohio’s quirky, petulant, and outbound governor that rehashes similar attempts to fathom the great reformer’s mind done by national venues that end up reading like Kasich wrote it himself. It tells us nothing new about the practiced performance politico, who knows the rules of the media game and takes serious, naive or gullible reporters like […]

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