Ohio has some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country and it’s time to put an end to it, 2018 Democratic Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Kathleen Clyde said in an interview last month.

“This is a serious problem that we need to address in our state,” she said. “I’m a die-hard fan of fair districts for Ohio and I hope my record speaks for that.”

Clyde’s record includes an entire career of standing up for voter rights, election integrity and fair district maps.

Clyde supported the state legislative redistricting reform passed by Ohio voters in 2015 with 71 […]

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Try to envision the lifestyle and culture of America without the benefit of the public common school.

Would the U.S. have been the leader of the free world had the various states not adopted constitutional provisions for free, universal common school education? An all-private education arrangement would have left multitudes of unserved or underserved students, and divided the nation into tribal communities.

Some in our nation do not comprehend or value the symbiotic relationship between the common school and democracy. The common good is just not a priority for them.

Thomas Ultican provides a more in depth look in a […]

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Ohio has been the No. 1 state in the country for purging eligible voters from its rolls and it’s time for this attack to be stopped, 2018 Democratic Secretary of State candidate Kathleen Clyde said in a recent interview.

On Jan. 10, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted violated the National Voter Registration Act by purging eligible voters from the rolls for being inactive in recent elections.

“We have purged 1.5 million Ohioans from the rolls the last seven years simply for not voting in a few elections,” Clyde said. […]

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Governor John Kasich has long promised to improve Ohio’s weak job growth rates.  But new estimates of Ohio employment, released Friday by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS), show a very different picture: 60 consecutive months of job growth below the national average.

60 Months = 5 Years

According to an analysis of ODJFS’ job information, Economic Research Analyst George Zeller of Cleveland, seen by some as Ohio’s class-A digester and interpreter of such detailed information, said new October 2017 data extends Ohio’s “terrible sub-par job growth streak to 60 consecutive months,” including all months between […]

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On what was likely his last conference call of the year with Ohio media, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio said he and state-mate U.S. Sen. Rob Portman will safeguard the $50 million “Smart City Challenge” grant awarded to Columbus by former President Barack Obama’s department of transportation, should White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney try to repurpose it.

Brown, running for a third term next year, told this reporter that he doesn’t worry the Trump Administration would try to take away the funding because he and Portman would shut it down.

This reporter’s […]

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What is it about a small Ohio town that can provide both an uplifting story about kindness for this holiday season as well as a real bummer of a tale that is sure to bring you down from an otherwise festive spirit?

We can find the answers to that question by looking at two people who both have roots in Urbana, a small town that could serve as a model for understanding the often contradictory nature of America.

The uplifting part of the story about Urbana is provided by Traci Bild, who grew up in the Champaign County community and […]

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Over the last year, Governor John Kasich has worked hard to maintain his title of “moderate”, becoming a talking head on cable news, writing his book on just how divided he thinks America has become, and even toying with the idea of a 2020 presidential run with a Democrat. However, as 2017 closes, Kasich has revealed his true conservative colors by again signing a bill infringing on women’s reproductive health.

His most recent attack on a women’s right to choose came on Dec. 22 when Kasich signed HB 214, a bill that will prohibit women from seeking an […]

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Americans who embrace reality know that in 2016 foreign agents and governments launched assaults on our democratic elections, both with digital propaganda and cyber attacks at the machinery of our voting.

With President Donald Trump denying these facts and the Republicans who control the U.S. Congress looking to do nothing about it, the individual states will be left to fend for themselves. 2018 Ohio Secretary of State candidate Kathleen Clyde has a plan to make sure Buckeye State elections are protected.

“We have a couple of very serious problems facing our country and our state,” Clyde said. “Ohio has aging […]

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Last week State Rep. John Becker unveiled the latest round of attacks on unions and Ohio’s working class, aiming to dissolve unions in both the public and private sector. However, Ohio AFL-CIO is fighting back with a fiery letter sent to all state representatives.

Timothy Burga, president Ohio AFL-CIO, in his letter urging other representatives not to become co-sponsors said, “If these proposals were enacted, hard-working Ohioans from every part of the state would be negatively impacted… These measures are nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt

to silence employees at the workplace, strip them of their political voice, and slash […]

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If Ohio media had been investigating Gov. John Kasich and his administration with the same energy and vigor they’ve used to pursue far less important people who engaged in far less unlawful activity, Kasich’s plunderbund while in office would constitute a rap sheet of scandals that would paint a different, darker picture than the one reporters and editorial boards have delivered so far despite knowing better.

Since he won his skinny two-percent victory back in 2010, reporting on his serious screw ups has drifted toward fluff coverage that includes editorials written to defend his wrong-headed policies and […]

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In his conference call last week, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio said the CHIP program (Children’s Health Insurance Program) in Ohio has been extended until maybe March with cuts Gov. John Kasich will take from other programs.

Brown said he talked to Kasich about CHIP, but didn’t offer detail about which programs might be impacted, or how much those targeted programs would be cut to keep CHIP functional for a couple more months, pending congressional refunding. CHIP in Ohio serves over 200,000 children each year.

For a glimpse of what would happen in Ohio if CHIP isn’t […]

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