It’s the 11th time CNBC has ranked America’s top states for business based on ten standard criteria that paint a portrait of strength and weaknesses. The State of Washington earned top honors this year as Ohio moved up to 16 from 22 last year.

But in two key categories – Quality of Life (QOL) and Business Friendliness (BF) – the results for the Buckeye State were depressing, if not alarming, as Ohio won 40th place for the former and 37th for the latter.

Gov. John Kasich made a big deal when he first […]

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State Rep. Kathleen Clyde wants to be Ohio’s next secretary of state because she believes we deserve better.

“No matter where they live, whether it’s in a big city or a small town, black or white, young or old, we need to be working hard for the people of Ohio,” Clyde said in an interview with Plunderbund last month. “Unfortunately, our state leaders have an outdated way of doing things, a lack of transparency, and the same old stale ideas and misplaced priorities that favor those who are already doing just fine.”

In Ohio, the 2018 Election will be a […]

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Gov. John Kasich’s governing sidekick for the last six and one-half years, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, is hoping her co-stewardship helps her as she plunges into the Republican race for governor in 2018 with an endorsement in hand from Ohio’s term-limited, lame-duck leader.

Taylor runs the state insurance department in addition to her duties as lieutenant governor and was the go-to official Kasich put in charge of the administration’s push against regulations that team Kasich-Taylor say keep Ohio from running “at the speed of business.”

Taylor, 51, joins three other GOP governorship hopefuls: Attorney General Mike DeWine, Secretary of State […]

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State representative and former assistant attorney general Kristin Boggs today issued a letter calling for state Auditor Dave Yost to recuse himself from all current and future matters related to the Educational Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) and for a special audit to be conducted into the charter school, the Ohio Democratic Party announced in a release Monday.

“Auditor Yost has consistently failed to lead an effective investigation or audit into any matters involving ECOT,” Boggs said. “In 2014 Auditor Yost received information from an ECOT school employee regarding fraudulent school enrollment, but he then allowed ECOT to […]

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The 2018 midterm elections are still 16 months away, but educated speculation  on them offers some good and bad news for Democrats to retake control of the U.S. House and Senate, and maybe even some statehouses, now that President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress have shown just how terrible their policies and appointees are.

With a clear view of who they elected last year, and what the Trump agenda means for most people going forward, will voters rally around the Trump White House and its GOP enablers in Congress, or will voters change direction like they did in […]

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Help! Help! Can anyone help? The First Amendment, the bedrock for our freedoms, is under assault by no less than the President of the United States, and we desperately need some help.

Let me think of some names. Oh, here’s one.

Chuck Barris, where are you, now that we really need you? Yes, right now, as the President of the United States continues to attack those that serve as our constitutionally-protected watchdogs, the country is in urgent need of protection from a vicious bully in his incessant attacks on journalists.

Oh how I wish that my fellow Philadelphian, […]

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In celebration of the 241st Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence yesterday, Plunderbund shared a series of quotes from American history regarding the Fourth of July and our self-governance.

This would seem to be more important than ever at a time in the history of the United States of America where the President doesn’t appear to know or respect that history, the principles or self-government, or the weight of the democratic institutions in our Republic.

The first quote comes from James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution.” Madison did not attend the Second Continental Congress where the […]

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Ohio Republicans in the state legislature and Gov. John Kasich are on a collision course this week, after Kasich line-item vetoed 47 line items in the Buckeye State’s next two-year budget on Friday.

Perhaps the biggest item within those lines is the legislature’s attempt to freeze Medicaid expansion, allowing a one-year open enrollment before cutting off expansion for those who earn up to 38 percent above the federal poverty line. And if anyone has a gap in coverage, they can’t get it back.

Talk to anybody who works for a county department of job and family services and the cruelty […]

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A reversal of fortune now awaits Ohio’s 69th governor after he issued more than 47 vetoes Friday before signing his last state budget deal clocking in at $133 billion in all-funds.

Gov. John Kasich’s executive prowess started out in 2011 unbeatable, but awaits a comeuppance six years later after lawmakers in his own party prepare to potentially override his vetoes, the biggest of which is freezing Medicaid enrollment next year.

According to reports, the Ohio House has a meeting scheduled for Thursday and the Senate is expected to meet the week of July […]

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No sector — not local governments, school districts, court systems, public universities or hospitals — misspends tax dollars like charter schools in Ohio.

Of all that has been written about the sorry, twenty-year history of charter schools in the Buckeye State, this single sentence from a 2015 Akron Beacon Journal article provides the strongest evidence in explaining how an online charter school has the gall to use public funds to attack the very agency of state government that provides its oxygen.

For those who might want to avoid a bout of indigestion and heartburn, it might be […]

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Now that the Senate Republicans so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office, the numbers are so offensive that Democrats are leading the charge to break the glass on the emergency fire extinguisher to hose it down.

The tens of millions who will be hurt by the BCRA as early as next year if just 51 senators pass the bill before July 4th is dominating headlines across the nation. National and local news groups are identifying just how bad life will be for seniors, children and the disabled, […]

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