Lest there be any doubt about it, Mike DeWine is Ohio’s attorney general.

We were reminded of that authoritative title several times in a recent press release from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office that reported its finding in a continuing dog-eared investigation of Planned Parenthood.

Mike is now using Ohio Attorney General as an honorific wherever there’s a reference to Mike DeWine. To illustrate: On second reference in the press release, Mike was mentioned as “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine directed his Charitable Law Section…” blah blah blah.

And in a later reference Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said “disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion…” blah blah blah.

Of course, in a press release that is a transparent effort to link Planned Parenthood to abortion, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine had already informed us in the opening paragraph that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s investigation “did not find any indication that fetal tissue was sold by Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio.”

No matter. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is already running for governor in 2018 with the impressive seal of Ohio Attorney General. Meantime, he wants to make himself available for any other upgraded opportunity comes along in the wake of Gov.Kasich’s slumping campaign for president.

Honorifics are Mike’s way of introducing himself to first-time voters, we’d suppose, who didn’t pay attention to the many times he’s run for office over the years. He remains obsessed with spending Ohio taxpayer money on probes of abortion, Planned Parenthood and other national conservative pressure points.

But Mike? Don’t you think Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine might be a tad too cumbersome for a bumper sticker.? Maybe the time has come for you to update in the new year and borrow from Jeb! by substituting an exclamatory Mike!

On the other hand, it hasn’t worked for Jeb!

In an earlier day, newspapers didn’t use second-reference honorifics. Even presidents and other important people now go without title descriptions in news columns. And it does save a lot of precious space!!!!