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The fact that the American Legislative Exchange Council has disbanded its anti-voting-access task force will not dissuade Ohio Republicans who insist on assaulting the franchise.

ALEC, the Koch Brother-funded “model legislation” hook-up apparatus for conservative state legislators and multinational corporations—think MeetMe for plutocrats and their sycophants—scaled back their work on non-economic issues following the Trayvon Martin controversy.

ALEC, by the way, would prefer their model legislation not be referred to as such so much, as it counts itself among those “charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit” organizations that should not have to pay taxes for Full Story...

SEIU is providing a live video stream from inside the statehouse:

Free live streaming by Ustream

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Mamas For Obama!

On October 21, 2008 By

A group of mothers started a Facebook group supporting Obama called Mamas for Obama. They’ve recently shot some videos to spread the word about their support for Senator Obama in this election.

My talented filmmaker and activist friend Gabrielle and some of her family members are featured in this one entitle “Family Values”:

The Facebook group has almost 900 members. Encourage all your mamas to join!

Gabrielle’s film company, Five Sisters Productions, shot the spots. The “Party’s Over” spot in particular has the feel of a FSP piece. Two more videos after the jump.

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Take a look and we’ll discuss:

First and foremost, we simply must get beyond the overt and dangerous mix of politics, governing, and religion. It’s toxic and un-American. I’m hopeful we can do that. Generic invocations of God are one thing. Talking about Jesus defeating Buddha is quite another.

Secondly, if you are going to bash other religions you might as well make a cursory attempt at being knowledgeable about them. Reverend Conrad appears to be completely ignorant about the subject matter. Hindu is not a God. It’s an adherent of the religion Hinduism. Hinduism for the most […]

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