Take a look and we’ll discuss:

First and foremost, we simply must get beyond the overt and dangerous mix of politics, governing, and religion. It’s toxic and un-American. I’m hopeful we can do that. Generic invocations of God are one thing. Talking about Jesus defeating Buddha is quite another.

Secondly, if you are going to bash other religions you might as well make a cursory attempt at being knowledgeable about them. Reverend Conrad appears to be completely ignorant about the subject matter. Hindu is not a God. It’s an adherent of the religion Hinduism. Hinduism for the most part does not recognize one supreme being. It is a henotheistic religion that includes a broad range of beliefs including monotheism all the way to atheism.

Buddha is also not a God. The term “Buddha” can reference a historical figure (Siddhartha Gautama) similar to Jesus as well as a title meaning “Enlightened One”. Buddhists not only don’t pray to God, we don’t even take up the question of whether there is one. It is of no consequence to us. The aim of Buddhism, in my view, is the study of the self in order to realize the inherent connected nature of all things so that one may live without suffering. This realization or enlightenment is the end result of Buddhist practice. Indeed, many see the belief in a God as something that inhibits individual action to become enlightened.

The misconception that Buddhists “pray to Buddha” is a pretty common one I hear often. I don’t blame the good Reverend for being like many other Christians I encounter. I’d ask that he and others learn enough about other religions that they don’t appear completely ignorant and misrepresent the religions of others. I figure it’s the least they could do while they are busy building their theocracy.

Lastly, does Reverend Conrad really think that a supreme being is the least bit interested in the results of our election in November? Seriously. I would venture to guess that there are at least ten thousand things ahead of that on her list.

There is, of course, something else at work here. It’s the same old tired smears against Barack. Framing McCain as “the Jesus canidate” and Barack as the “Hindu, Buddha, Allah candidate”. Hopefully we can with this election finally close the chapter on this type of politics along with this type of religion in our politics.

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