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Ohio Gov. John Kasich appears to be the living embodiment of the fictional character at the heart of  baseball’s most popular poem, “Casey at the Bat.

The mighty Casey was so confident of his hitting prowess that he didn’t swing at the first two pitches, both strikes. With runners on third and second, and trailing by two runs in the bottom of the 9th inning, Casey went down swinging, sending the Mudville Nine home losers.

John Kasich isn’t known for his baseball skills, but he thinks he’s the best politico in the world. He knows well just […]

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Two Ohio elected officials offer agendas that differ by wide margins. But which one is right? The only thing “right” about Republican state Treasurer Josh Mandel’s rubber-match vendetta campaign against twice-elected Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, is the state treasurer’s crusade to oppose sanctuary cities.

Mandel’s “alt-right” horror movie campaign appears scripted to replay Donald Trump’s national magic trick that won big in center-right Ohio in two years. With luck, ISIS will not have established a beachhead somewhere on the long shorelines of Lake Erie or the Ohio River by mid-term election time.

By contrast, what’s right about Sen. Brown’s […]

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It’s amusing, and maybe a little sad, that media has chosen, generally, to not challenge Ohio Gov. John Kasich on his split-personality when it comes taxes, and why he thinks locals should shoulder more taxes.

He says it’s because they have the capacity to do so. But with Kasich, the wealthiest, who can pay multiples more in taxes and still be fabulously well-off, are thrown more tax breaks.

The capacity to impose more taxes is central to Gov. Kasich’s quackery on how to balance a budget that could be billions out of whack even though the national economy is roaring […]

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The phrase, “If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander,” became a bromide re-popularized in 2012 by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Two Ohio Democratic House Members think Romney has a point.

A new bill is aimed directly at Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who the authors of the bill think should better understand what public school teachers do each school day after Kasich proposed business internships for educators as a requirement for obtaining or renewing their teacher’s licenses.

Mr. Kasich loves to take on public sector schools and teachers, even though he spends lots of time […]

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Yesterday was the day for which America has been waiting since, well, forever. In the 1994 Republican manifesto, The Contract For America, Republicans including Ohio’s radical governor John Kasich failed to write one word about healthcare.

Washington Republicans have complained throughout President Barack Obama’s two terms [2009-2017] in office that his historic national health plan — The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA] — is broken and failed.

On Monday they finally revealed a budget reconciliation health plan they say will cure the problems in the ACA. House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, who ran as vice president on the 2012 […]

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While you were asleep, the doctor that removed a polyp from your rectum while undergoing what you thought was a free preventative procedure, also removed some money from your wallet to cover the costs.

Welcome to the world of American-style health care, where you don’t know what the bill is until after you’re sent home following whatever was done to you is over. That’s not fake news when it comes to the twists and turns embedded in America’s health care delivery system, where for-profit health care is the underlying foundation for the most expensive system of its kind in the […]

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Whether you were at The Ohio State University’s Glenn College of Public Affairs or watched it on Facebook Friday morning, the simple yet strong plan unveiled by Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown to restore the value of work in America became the team of horses that will pull his reelection campaign forward over the next two years.

Senator Brown’s plan to rescue workers comes amid reports that the nation’s Republican-controlled congress is focused on rolling back protections for workers, consumers, and the environment. In the past week, the House of Representatives has before it three bills that further advance […]

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Ohio Senator Brown has always been a strong and uncompromising advocate for higher wages, reliable benefits and better working conditions.  So it is no surprise that he is going to bat to protect the health and retirement benefits of America’s miners in advance of expected cuts to those benefits.

On Thursday the Brown’s office said the two-term senator is asking his colleagues in Congress to pass his bill to restore the earned healthcare and retirement benefits for 22,000 miners and widows following news that the United Mineworkers of America (UMWA) Health and Retirement Funds will be cut in just 60 days. Sen. Brown, […]

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Before speaking to reporters on his regular Wednesday press call, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke on the Senate floor, saying he will vote for Ben Carson to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Sen. Brown, ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, a committee that oversee legislation related to housing, said Carson committed in private and public meetings to be considerate on issues ranging from lead in drinking water to fair housing to remedies to homelessness.

At Dr. Carson’s hearing, Sen. Brown expressed his regret about Carson’s belief that […]

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Gov. John Kasich was out of state again last week, this time on a travel junket to Europe to attend the Munich Security Conference at the invitation of Arizona Sen. McCain to join a bipartisan delegation. The two-term governor said he was there to pitch Ohio’s great potential to business leaders.

After leaving Germany, where the economy is strong because unions play such an important role, the term-limited governor hopped the Channel to London to meet with business leaders and elected officials to encourage them to bring more economic development opportunities to Ohio.

“Our great Buckeye state has much […]

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Expectations for President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress are colossal in range.  From another dark, carnage filled version of America,  amalgamated from his inaugural address and last week’s campaign rally speech at CPAC, to a con-temporized, slightly upbeat edition based on his nomination acceptance speech in Cleveland, where he claimed only he can fix things.

In what will be the Donald’s biggest reality TV show stunt so far, the speech Trump will deliver tonight won’t be boring, “believe me, I can tell you that,” as Trump himself would say about standing for the first time before a joint session of […]

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