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Pruitt: Public Enemy No. 1

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Got this “Wanted” flier in the mail from the Sierra Club, whose environmental concerns I fully share.

That’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt, a creep who has been fouling our air and water with an ongoing series of moves to deregulate controls as a well-paid hit-man of wealthy coal barons in Kentucky, West Virginia and other battlegrounds to declare an end on the alleged “war on coal.” (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s favorite term.)

Not since people started dropping dead from lung disease and other respiratory disorders has there been such an official menace to people’s health than […]

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The tiny radio alarm clock came alive in my dark bedroom at 5 a.m., signaling it was time to get up and go to my internship site for another routine day at the close of the school year.

But the little box that aroused me that day in June 1968 sounded quite different from the usual wake-up-music. Instead of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Beach Boys, a cacophony of both excited and mournful voices replaced the playlist of familiar songs I was expecting. Instead of the typical morning fare, the radio was replete with non-stop reports on yet another American […]

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