From the monthly archives: May 2018

Just in time for 2018, our complete archive of posts about Phil Robinson and Jim Trakas, candidates for Ohio’s 6th House District.

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In this moment of reverential tribute to all who gave their lives in the cause of liberty, we are also witnessing the erosion of such freedom by a militaristic vulgar draft dodger who has no patience with a free press and right of protest..other than his own.

I’m talking, of course, about the guy who is aptly known on the mean streets these days as “The Don”, i.e., President Donald J. Trump.

Adding layer upon layer to monstrous attacks on his critics, The Don has morphed into a snorting land mass shoving ahead on his path to destroy the First […]

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Stars And Stripes Forever

On May 29, 2018 By

From this day forward, we can fairly assume there will be nothing more heinous than an American president’s wretched tweet that arrived from the draft-dodger’s bizarre notes on Memorial Day.

By tradition, it was left to Donald Trump to honor the dead in the annual display of humble patriotism. But he was instantly taken by the opportunity to honor himself instead at this solemn moment. Here is how he tickled the minds of his feckless base:

“Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. […]

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Just in time for 2018, our complete archive of posts about Andrew Brenner and Louise Valentine, candidates for Ohio’s 19th Senate District.

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Dear Andrew:

I’ve always wanted to write one of those open letters that we see so much of these days. By their nature, open letters usually are crafted as vehicles of concern, rebuke, disgust, rage, or some other emotion that motivates a person to pick up a pen or sit down at the keyboard. But this open letter, Andrew, is different. Though I’m a senior citizen now and six years into retirement, it’s the first one I’ve ever written, and you’re the lucky guy I’ve chosen to address on my maiden voyage to that emotion-filled place called […]

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A Demanding Leader

On May 24, 2018 By

When President Trump tweeted that he would “demand” an investigation by the Department of Justice of its own investigation of the Trump-Russia campaign links, our country drew one step closer to fascism by our autocratic leader.

Demands are not usually issued by normal presidents, and as we have seen, Trump’s corrupt behavior is clinically abnormal. On the other hand, autocrats who dismiss democracy as a way of life would demand that their uninsured grandmothers would pay their last penny for health care.

It will probably get worse as word filters out of the Mueller […]

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Some policy observers believe DeVos’ school privatization fanaticism is making her irrelevant in American education. Not so. Her bully pulpit and laser focus on the destruction of public education makes her a dangerous threat to traditional school districts. She came to office with a long personal agenda to privatize public education in the wake of nearly two decades of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) attack on public education.

While in New York a few days ago DeVos referenced the Blaine amendments in most state constitutions as “bigoted” and should be “stamped out” and assigned to the “ash heap of history.”


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Another week of thoughts and prayers.

You would think that after more bloodshed in the classroom the enablers of the gun lobby would find a new way to console the victims’ families. But as we’ve seen, prayers don’t work and the only time the politicians think about kids is when the students are found dead.

The good news is that some of the trigger-friendly deep thinkers are serious about “doing” something, saying the status quo is unacceptable.  Who could argue?

For example, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas, an immovable opponent of gun control, gravely stood before the TV cameras […]

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Today, something unpredictable happened in a House committee: a pro-public education amendment nearly passed.

The House Education committee was scheduled to consider amendments and vote on an education deregulation bill (SB216). That didn’t happen, however, after committee Democrats put forward an amendment that would have prohibited the state from taking over local school districts that score too low on state tests. Under House Bill 70, Youngstown and Lorain local schools have been placed under the control of appointed CEOs with a wide range of latitude to cancel labor contracts, privatize and restructure district operations.

Today’s amendment was offered by Rep […]

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A new group has launched in Southwest Ohio to set the record straight on Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot’s health care record.

At the helm of the group,  Ohioans for Economic Opportunity, is our old friend and seasoned political consultant Cliff Schecter.

“We’re simply looking to educate Ohioans about who’s trying to take away their healthcare, who would impose an age tax on elderly Ohioans and leave those with pre-existing conditions to the wolves,” Schecter said.  “Why? Because they need these funds to create ever more loopholes for their campaign contributors and friends to gorge on. […]

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State Rep Andy Brenner is so desperate not to have to give back his contributions from the scandal-plagued founder of ECOT, he’s claiming he didn’t take them. (He did).

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