Some policy observers believe DeVos’ school privatization fanaticism is making her irrelevant in American education. Not so. Her bully pulpit and laser focus on the destruction of public education makes her a dangerous threat to traditional school districts. She came to office with a long personal agenda to privatize public education in the wake of nearly two decades of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) attack on public education.

While in New York a few days ago DeVos¬†referenced¬†the Blaine amendments in most state constitutions as “bigoted” and should be “stamped out” and assigned to the “ash heap of history.”

Most states have constitutional provisions which prohibit public funds being used to support religious schools and organizations. These provisions are referenced as Blaine amendments.

DeVos has stated publicly the Blaine amendments were put in place in an era of anti-Catholic bigotry.Blaine amendments are in sync with the longstanding principle of separation of church and state. DeVos’ privatization agenda is being slowed down by these state constitutional provisions; hence, she wants to put them on the “ash heap of history.”

DeVos and her privatization comrades are working against the state constitutional provisions that call for a common school system for all the children of all the people. Of course, the NCLB and its successors set the stage for her current privatization movement.

Betsy DeVos’ appointment to the office of Secretary of Education is like putting a mob boss as Director of the FBI.