Another week of thoughts and prayers.

You would think that after more bloodshed in the classroom the enablers of the gun lobby would find a new way to console the victims’ families. But as we’ve seen, prayers don’t work and the only time the politicians think about kids is when the students are found dead.

The good news is that some of the trigger-friendly deep thinkers are serious about “doing” something, saying the status quo is unacceptable.  Who could argue?

For example, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas, an immovable opponent of gun control, gravely stood before the TV cameras to suggest he may have a solution to the student carnage:  Schools, he said, have too many doors. He didn’t mention windows. To be sure, lobbyists for the National Window Institute, rose to send him fat checks.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called for roundtable discussions to make sure such tragedies never happen again. Roundtable discussions? Who knew?

The NRA’s new president, Oliver North, conceded that although he wasn’t a doctor, the school violence is the result of Ritalin that drugs up young people. Interesting that North, who was convicted of his role in the  Iran-Contra scandal under President Reagan, escaped the verdict because he had testified under immunity. But as Fox News commentator, North did say guns are not the basic problem. North, you may have heard, once promoted violent video games to supplement his income.

The NRA has found a perfect president to lead it.

And as he does so often to make bad news go away, President Trump left it to Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson to dismiss the gravity of the moment by mentioning the shootings for a full 17 seconds. Toothpaste commercials are longer than that.