Yesterday, to almost no one’s suprise, State Representative Candice Keller said some stupid shit on Facebook. But this time, it’s gone viral. Keller, a loathesome member of the GOP from Butler County who, when she’s not at the Statehouse, works at a fake pregnancy clinic, posted the following to her personal Facebook page, blaming well, just about everyone and everything for mass shootings:

Keller facebook screed

It… did not go well. Posts mocking Keller went viral overnight. Today, Keller was the #2 trending topic on Twitter in Ohio’s state capital.

The denunciations were quick and brutal.

This is Ohio State Representative Candice Keller, a shining example of today's @ohiogop . She has a few opinions about mass shootings. Let's make her famous.
Media coverage was worldwide.

And there were many, many more:

The critique was bipartisan

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost:

Fellow Butler County Republican, Sheriff Richard K. Jones:

Butler County’s GOP Chair, Jennifer Edwards Baker:

Some hero even updated her wikipedia page:

Candice Keller is the state representative for the 53rd District of the Ohio House of Repreentatives, which includes part of Butler County. She is a Republican and a terrible person.

Then the knives came out

Most of today, stories about Keller were trending on Twitter and clogging Facebook feeds nationwide, but particularly in Ohio. Now, either in a rare moment of shame (or, more likely out of political expediency of not wanting a contested primary), Ohio Republicans are now calling on Keller to step down:

First, it was Sheriff Jones:

Then it was the Chair of the Ohio Republican Party:

Will State Representative and Senate Candidate Keller still be standing this time tomorrow? Stay tuned.

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