Thanks to the ACA,  723,000 Ohioans have health insurance, and the 133 million people with preexisting condtions can get affordable insurance.

Ohio Governor John Kasich seems to understand the value in keeping Ohio’s citizens healthy.  Back in February, he met with President Trump and urged him to “maintain an expansion in Medicaid funds under Obamacare, which has helped insure thousands of his state’s residents.”

Donald Trump will be in Ohio tomorrow for a rally, joined by Mike DeWine, candidate for Ohio Governor.   And everyone wants to know if DeWine will follow Kasich’s lead by urging Donald Trump not to mess with the health of Ohioans.

DeWine has done all he can to avoid having to provide an answer.

In the video below, the normally-lathargic DeWine suddenly gets a spring in his step as he races through a door to avoid having to take a stand on this important issue.

You can’t duck this forever, Mike.

723,000 Ohioans want to know the answer.