Last week State Rep. John Becker unveiled the latest round of attacks on unions and Ohio’s working class, aiming to dissolve unions in both the public and private sector. However, Ohio AFL-CIO is fighting back with a fiery letter sent to all state representatives.

Ohio AFL-CIO calling State Rep. Becker out for his actions to gut the working class

Timothy Burga, president Ohio AFL-CIO, in his letter urging other representatives not to become co-sponsors said, “If these proposals were enacted, hard-working Ohioans from every part of the state would be negatively impacted… These measures are nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt

to silence employees at the workplace, strip them of their political voice, and slash wages at a time when they have been stagnant for far too long.”

Burga then went on to fire back against Becker and his actions by saying he was “deeply disturbed,” and states “Neither employers nor employees are asking for such anti-worker agenda to be enacted. This begs the question, what is the (Becker’s) motivation for introducing these proposals?”

This isn’t the first time Burga has come out strongly against Becker. Earlier this week he said, “Why does Rep. Becker hate working-class Ohioans so much? Because when you look at what he’s doing here, he’s not leaving anybody out of his attacks.”

It’s clear Becker’s proposed slashes of workers’ rights are already receiving the backlash they deserve from Ohio’s unions. But individuals will need to call their own state representatives to urge them not to become co-sponsors if we want these harmful amendments to die.