I was just checking out the Citizens for Community Standards website and found a very thorough history of Phil Burress and CCV called How One Man?s Porn Addiction Has Hurt Ohio?s Economy and Poisoned Its Political Discourse For Nearly Two Decades.

Here’s a brief overview:

Prosecuting the Art Museum: 1990
Thanks to CCV, Cincinnati became America?s first city to prosecute an art museum and its director for obscenity over it’s Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit.

An Anti-Gay City Charter Amendment: 1992
CCV pushed for “a city charter amendment that stripped gays and lesbians of protection from discrimination.”

Burress Takes Intolerance on a Statewide Tour: 2004
Ohio already had law that banned gay-marriage. Burress thought the state needed a constitutional amendment. And, with the help of Ken Blackwell, he got it.

Strip Clubs and Adult Books Stores: Phil?s latest target
I’m sure I’ve talked about this enough already

but if you want to know all the details, then you should definitely check out the Citizens for Community Standards site.