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When the US hockey team loses Gold to Canada in a hard fought Olympic battle I fully expect Matt Naugle to say stupid shit like:

“Ok I’ve had enough. Carpetbomb Canada!”


“Canada is just a frozen tundra full of Frenchies and the worthless offspring of Vietnam draft dodgers.”

But I really expect a little more from State Senator Mark Wagoner who, via Twitter, just threatened an invasion of our neighbor to the north over a silly sporting event:

“Now might be the time to finish the unfinished work of the War of 1812. See you in Ottawa […]

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I’m willing to engage in people on the other side of the aisle.? I’ll even excuse the occasional ideologically-inspired perspective that leads to one side of the debate to distort the actual situation.? But I will not tolerate a blogger who just simply FLAT OUT LIES.? And Jon Keeling is a documented liar.

From Keeling’s Friday’s post “About that Quinnipiac Guv poll… “:

It seems the experts have the same kind of frustration as I did regarding the way Strickland’s lead in the latest Quinnipiac was framed in the media.

From Robert Moran of

While the […]

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Blackwaterdog goes off.

I don’t care about the Far-Right. They’re just crazy ignorant Neanderthals. It’s the way the beltway and the mainstream treats this president that is shocking. On Thursday, almost every Republican had no trouble interrupting him in the middle of a sentence. They looked like they’re going to vomit every time they had to say “Mr. president”. They all had this Eric-Cantor-Smirk whenever he spoke. Then they went out and started to spit their stupid talking points, to the delight of the media. Sarah Palin, a woman who can hardly read, thinks that he was “arrogant” towards […]

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Props to the Dispatch for printing this piece by Jennifer Smith Richards and Bill Bush that documents the many problems and eventual failure of another charter school in Central Ohio.

This time it’s Chase Academy for the Communication Arts – which is kind of an ironic name given the completely fucked up method they chose for communicating the news of the schools demise to parents: sending a letter home with the kids on Friday afternoon notifying parents the school would not reopen on Monday.

Schools close for any number of reasons. For example Columbus is closing down 9 schools […]

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First the original, by Soundgarden:

Now the cover by Johnny Cash:

Verdict? Cash in a 2nd round knockout. The original is fantastic and defines Soundgarden in a large way. They were a great live band and Cornell is one of the best rock vocalists ever. Cash, however, does the near impossible and makes the song not only his own, but redefines it completely – and pulls it off to perfection.

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Here’s the Indy story detailing how Zanotti lied about his gambling junkets with J. Kevin Kelley.? Below is the tape – the vid starts at James Renner’s question.? You can clearly here Zanotti say “ZERO” in a very irritated tone.

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At today’s TEDxCLE event in Cleveland, I learned about an extraordinary idea.? The NEO law firm of Dworken & Bernstein is spearheading an effort to pass a law in Ohio to force defendants to pay up unclaimed class action judgments, and donate the funds to charities.

Ohio Lawyers Give Back was founded by Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. to promote the use of cy pres in class action settlements. When a class action is settled, plaintiff and defendant agree to a fund amount to pay all class members. Since many class members have moved, passed-away, or can’t be […]

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Henry Gomez writes a good roundup of the challenges facing the Cuyahoga County transition.? However, in his coverage of the February 17 meeting, Gomez missed one very important point – transition advisory group co-chair Martin Zanotti lied to a reporter during the meeting.

Zanotti watched from the sidelines at a public meeting for the government transition process held at CSU February 17. After several audience members lobbed softball questions at the group of Democrats in control of the meeting, I stepped to the mic and addressed Zanotti directly. I asked him to go on record to confirm or […]

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So in between stumbling upon a very interesting story about WKYC (stay tuned!), I watched the health care summit.? I liked it.? It was an exercise in transparency that I don’t think any president in my lifetime has ever attempted.? So, what did we see?

We saw the Republican Party’s desperate refusal to govern in stark relief.? Republicans not only said “no”, they said it in a rehearsed, robotic, scripted display of total obstruction.? Late last night, Chris Matthews lined up all the instances of GOP talking points – “start over”, “kill this bill”, “scrap it”, “step by step”, “blank […]

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Did John Kasich’s campaign steal marketing ideas from pop music icons and sex websites? Having visited Kasich’s website it’s really hard not to make the comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for developing a brand for your candidate.

But “a New Day”? “Tried,-Tested-and-Proven”?

These ‘slogans’ sound much too familiar.

I’m the exact opposite of a C?line Dion fan, but even I know they stole “a new day” from her Vegas show

Get yourself a frilly, white, tight-fitting pants suit and maybe we can talk about a campaign slogan that pays tribute to Canada’s most famous pop […]

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More to come.? Much more.? Stay tuned.

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