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We noticed something curious on the Ohio Democratic Party dinner program Saturday night.  Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald was listed as a sponsor of the event, the only elected official listed at the event.

And to add to the subtlty of a County Executive’s sudden interest in making an impression on Democratic activists at the State Convention and Dinner, FitzGerald had folks handing out flier inviting attendees to an after-dinner event for him nearby.  We literally could not walk out of the convention hall without more than one person offering it to us.

Ted Strickland was unable to attend due […]

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John Kasich likes to talk about how Ohio’s economy was terrible under his predecessor, but now, with him in charge, things are turning around.

Yesterday, statistics came out that show the exact opposite.

According to numbers released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, over the past two years, Ohio’s economy, as measured by its Gross Domestic Product, grew. That’s the good news.

The bad news for Kasich is that it slowed down tremendously after he took office.

In 2010, the last year of Governor Strickland’s administration, after the auto rescue and stimulus had been fully implemented, Ohio’s GDP […]

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The Associated Press has a more in-depth wire story about “Grannygate,” and it features strong language from former Governor Ted Strickland:

Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the use of Quinn’s image in the Building a Better Ohio ad was “deceitful and dishonorable.”

Strickland speculated that it could cause a backlash against the law’s supporters. “I think it could be the turning point in the campaign, quite frankly,” he said.

“What they have done here, I think, demonstrates the level of deceitfulness that they will use in order to try to win. […]

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Or something like that.  This has to be the most brazen re-write of the Kasich Administration so far, and it comes from the conservative Washington Times:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, on Sunday touted the fact that since taking office in January, he has helped the Buckeye State turn its deficit into a surplus.

“In my state, where we faced an $8 billion deficit, we wiped it out. We eliminated it,” he said on “Meet the Press.”

Given that Kasich just passed his first budget a month ago, it would be incredibly remarkable for him to claim […]

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First, according to CNBC’s website, the 2011 “Business Friendliness” for Ohio went from #38 in 2010 to #42 in 2011.  So, that’s not an improvement.  What the 2010-2011 CNBC rankings (if you even care about such relatively arbitrary ranking gimmicks are from a media outlet) do show is that Ohio was the most improved State in their ranking system with an overall improvement in their rank by eleven spots from 34th in 2010 to 23rd this year.

But, again, this has nothing to do with John Kasich.  Because anyone who reads about CNBC’s methodology […]

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Standard & Poor’s is one of the three major credit rating agencies that has enormous influence in shaping the price and rates for Ohio’s bonds.  Earlier this week, it and the other two major credit reporting agencies turned up the pressure on Speaker Boehner and the Congressional Republicans when it threatened to downgrade the credit rating of the United States if a deal on the debt ceiling isn’t reached soon.

On Friday, S&P revised Ohio’s credit rating (may require free registration to view.)  While the credit rating has stayed the same, the raters changed Ohio’s outlook from negative […]

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With the Kasich budget beginning on July 1st, let’s not forget that means the Strickland budget ended on June 30th.  So, according to John Kasich’s own OBM director, what did the State end up with at the end of the last Strickland budget:

$973 million surplus.

Wait, shouldn’t that be $8 billion in the red?  We kept hearing about what a horrible fiscal shape the Strickland Administration left Ohio in, but when it’s all said and done, the Strickland Administration left such a large surplus that the State came in with revenues 5.8% larger than projected when it was […]

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On Sunday the Dispatch ran a piece titled Casino deal a win for almost everyone, completely forgetting that they had called a much better deal “a rip off” just two years earlier.

The deal in question, proposed by John Kasich, allows racetrack owners to place VLTs (slots) at their tracks in exchange for a $50 million license fee and 33.5 percent tax on revenue.

The fee and tax rate of Kasich’s deal are MUCH lower than the deal proposed by Strickland back in 2009 of a $65 million license fee and a 50 percent tax on revenue. Clearly […]

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I’ll admit it.  I’m skeptical that Ted Strickland will really run for Governor in a rematch come 2014.  Maybe because it’s just the novelty of it.  Maybe it’s because Ted had told so many people publicly last year that it would be his “last election.”

But the more I see of Ted (from afar), the more it starts to make sense.   After all, he only lost by some 70,000 in what will likely be the high water mark for GOP turnout advantage in Ohio for the foreseeable future.  November 2010, so far at least, appears to be the high water […]

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Four years ago, Ohio had a Governor with a 64% approval rating (and that was among Republicans, meaning that at this point in their respective term, Republicans pretty much approved of Ted Strickland’s performance as they do of Kasich’s.)  In fact, if you look at the recent PPP poll, Strickland’s performance with Republicans is actually better than Kasich’s approval rating within his own party is.

Gov. Strickland is absolutely correct that Sherrod Brown and Obama have benefitted politically from the extreme Kasich agenda as well as their support for the auto industry (which is while […]

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We all know how John Kasich has this Florida fetish.  Well, now as Ohio’s Governor, Kasich might help Ohio beat Florida… in having the least popular Governor in the nation.

PPP, a Democratic polling outfit, just released it’s latest Ohio poll, and it disagrees with the finding of the latest Quinnipiac, which showed Kasich with a modest bounce in the polls, but still deeply underwater.  Whereas Quinny showed Kasich with a slight improvement among independents; PPP shows his standing with Republicans has deteriorated instead.

PPP instead finds Kasich’s approval rating getting worse.  According to PPP, Kasich’s approval/disapproval rating […]

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