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Mike DeWine has lied his way through every single step of his gubernatorial campaign. The Republican candidate for governor in Ohio is the latest in a long line of GOP officials who will shamelessly lie, cheat and steal to gain power by any means necessary.

Combing through the lengthy archives of Politifact or the Columbus Dispatch’s AdWatch reveals just how often DeWine outright lies to or misleads Ohio’s voters. In all honesty, it’s difficult to keep track of how often DeWine lies to our faces, but here’s my best effort.

DeWine’s been labeled as “pulling info from […]

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The Mike DeWine campaign has reached a new low. Their latest ad attacking Rich Cordray is based on a budget bill from 1991 which was supported by none other than Mike DeWine.

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Despite enduring weeks of negative ads, many of which featured outright lies, Rich Cordray has held his own in the race for Governor, pulling into a tie in two recent polls.

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Mike DeWine has a big problem trying to follow the Republican playbook of running on “law and order,” and it’s obvious just by looking at his first campaign ad.

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If you spend any time on social media or at meetings of progressive activists you’ll know that progressive voters care about policy issues. Like, they really care.  Way more than they care about parties or most politicians. And, if you’re running for Governor, the best way to share your views on issues is to post them to a website.

The conversation this cycle comes thanks to Rich Cordray, who has frustrated the state’s voters–or at least the ones who haven’t met him in person–by failing to outline any policy solutions on his official website. And boy do we hear about […]

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Rich Cordray wraps up the law enforcement vote by announcing the final 4 law enforcement organizations expected to endorse in the Attorney General’s race have all lined up behind his candidacy.  This includes the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association, Toledo Police Command Officers Association, Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association, Canton Police Patrolman’s Association, and Troopers for a Safer Ohio.

That’s a clean sweep folks for those keeping score.  Rich Cordray is clearly the best candidate for Attorney General given his great support from law enforcement.  You don’t become Ohio’s “top cop” by not […]

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The pimp look doesn’t work for DeWine.

ODP points out that after a career of protecting Wall Street insiders, Mike DeWine now wants to protect them, and not us, as Ohio’s Attorney General.

Frankly, I think DeWine’s comments support Kasich’s secretive executive bonuses for his JobsOhio plan plays right into this video.

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Think John Kasich is happy to have unpopular former Senator/current GOP Attorney General candidate Mike DeWine come to his defense?  Me, either.

According to the Youngstown Business Journal, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray weighed in on John Kasich’s JobsOhio plan and said he had serious concerns about its lack of transparency, particularly when it came to Kasich’s assertion that the non-profit, private corporations bonus compensation system would be made exempt from disclosure:

Kasich’s privatization plan also appears to give “taxpayer-funded bonuses” to the CEOs who would sit on the not-for-profit’s board and its employees, which they would not […]

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I posted on this Friday, but it keeps getting better. The funny thing about the release from the Cordray folks on Friday is that I heard there was a problem with Mike DeWine and his campaign even getting an email out correctly, much less defending his ideas in a debate. I never got any detailed information on that incident, but it sounded like typical GOP campaign #fail.

Now we learn that Mike DeWine is ducking real debates in favor of events that will avoid him being pounded by the much better equipped Rich Cordray:

In a news release […]

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Cordray Smacks DeWine on Debates

On August 6, 2010 By

Damn. What’s with Democratic candidates lately taking it to the GOP? Keep it comin’ folks! Rich Cordray is the latest with some pretty aggressive messaging:

Attorney General Cordray is happy to debate as many times as it takes for Ohio voters to remember why they voted overwhelmingly to oust Senator DeWine four years ago, and why they would not now want to restore him to office as attorney general. (full release in extended post)

LOL. That’s the old pepper! Anytime, anyplace says the former Jeopardy champion. Rich would probably handle himself well in polemic pugilism against the likes of DeWine. […]

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Naugle for Cordray?

On February 22, 2010 By

I’m not sure if this is an endorsement, but a reader forwards some photos taken of Matt Naugle at the Cordray announcement last week:

I love this last shot of one wingnut standing alone.? He either farted or they figured out who he was.? LOL

You may remember that Matt was also spotted at an Obama campaign rally in Columbus a couple years ago.

I think if the GOP wants spotters on the ground that they should pick less conspicuous folks.? That meat-head is instantly recognizable.? Of course, if Matt really is starting to lean […]

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