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The race for Ohio Governor is shaping up to be a race for the future of healthcare for the state’s most vulnerable residents. And one candidate in the race refuses to say whether he would preserve coverage for over 700,000 low-income Ohioans.

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National: Healthcare [Cuts] For All

The GOP is preparing to repeal portions of the law funding Obamacare as early as January 3rd, but do not have a plan in place to replace it. Experts are warning that a January move to eliminate funding for subsidies and cost-sharing will leave consumers unable to purchase plans, drive up insurance costs and chase carriers from the marketplace. These impacts will be portrayed by Republicans as “proving” Obamacare was a failure, and set the stage for whatever replacement they land on. It’s a politically precarious move based on a cynical plan to deceive […]

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Welcome Kasichstan, where the Governor issues veiled veto threats if the legislature considers more funding for schools, seniors and local governments!

Here’s Governor Grumpy Pants in today’s Columbus Dispatch:

Gov. John Kasich said the Senate’s version of the two-year budget shares his overall vision, but he warned that he soon will grow cold to additional spending.

"We are watching spending very carefully," Kasich said. "We cannot put ourselves back in the hole by spending too much. There can be some give, but if there’s much more, we’re going to have a problem with it."

John Kasich is still seething […]

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The Ohio Health Care Association, a predominately nursing home industry interest group, is presently running this television ad about Kasich’s Medicaid budget. An ad that begins with an image of John Kasich, a bunch of hospitalized elderly patients, and ends with a flatline as someone, literally, pulls the plug.

And Governor Kasich is pissed about it, and decrying the influence of campaign dollars in Medicaid policy. Wonder if he has the same take on charter schools? Nah.

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Yesterday was a train wreck.  Speaker Batchelder held a press gaggle in which he declared, definitively, that the CAT tax on gross receipts amendment that the House Finance Committee added on Thursday would be struck today:

Reporter: What about the CAT tax?  There seems to be concerns on both sides.

It will be part of the changes, it’s out of the bill. We have a memo from LSC that language we put in is in the law. There have been meetings between the Governor and the industry. We are seeing a lot more action now. The budget will not say […]

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Yesterday, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the House Republicans were set to consider some 200 amendments submitted in response to the Substitute House Bill they introduced for the State’s budget Thursday afternoon.  Now the fate of these amendments are far from certain, but among the things the House GOP is being urged to change are:

Their new provision that would give county commissioners authority to privatize county jails.  It’s getting to the point where Ohio’s criminals may never actually be punished by the State, but out-of-state corporations hired to mete out punishment for profits. Some Cincinnati-area lawmakers want to […]

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During his 100 day celebration, after declaring his need to avoid “unforced errors,” Governor Kasich suggested that part of what SB 5 did was bring state government benefits more in line with the “shabby” benefits of private workers like a waitress at Bob Evans.  By bringing Ohio’s public employee union benefits, to the “shabby” benefits of minimum wage, non-union jobs like the waitress at Bob Evans saves the State money, Kasich argued.

(Source: Marc Kovac @ Ohio Capital Blog)

So, would the State of Ohio save money if it provided benefits like Bob Evans does?  No.


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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: John Kasich takes credit for something that turns out was not his idea, but something that was a labor of love of the Strickland Administration. On top of that, Kasich is touting the achievement while hiding that it’s being entirely funded by “one time” federal stimulus money.

Or did you hear the one about how Governor Kasich approached U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown about seeking another extension of a federal stimulus program for Medicaid?

Or how John Kasich’s budget relies on a Washington bailout that doesn’t even appear to be in the works? Or how it also relies on cost savings to the States provided by “ObamaCare?”

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It’s become a regular series here on Plunderbund, but now it’s starting to seep into the mainstream media, even the Columbus Dispatch: don’t listen to what Kasich says he’s going to do, because if you watch him you’ll see him do the opposite.

Here’s what Governor Kasich said in his State of the State about the importance of helping seniors stay in their homes:

“If your mom and dad want to stay at home instead of going into a nursing home, we should help make that happen. You get what I’m saying? Mom and dad can stay at […]

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It’s amateur hour in the Governor’s Mansion again.  Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer has a story about how Governor Kasich’s budget is going to result in a huge hits for hospitals which are scheduled to lose nearly half a billion in Medicaid funding.  The story also reports how children’s hospitals like the one in Cincinnati are going to take a  disproportionately larger cut than adult hospitals.

Yes, you’ve read that right, Governor Kasich’s actually penalizes hospitals who provide medical services to children.  This, of course, has to be a huge, horrible mistake, right?  RIGHT?!?

"We didn’t […]

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(Pictured from left to right: Ohio House Speaker designate Bill Batchelder (R- Medina), Governor-elect John Kasich (R), and Senate President-designate Thomas Neihaus (R-New Richmond))

A month ago, Speaker-designate Bill Batchelder indicated that his House Republicans may cut Medicaid eligibility in half, thus cutting off access to affordable, quality health care to thousands of expecting mothers, children, and other Ohioans.

Where’s Sarah Palin to protest the death panel Governor-elect Kasich and his allies in the legislature are plotting to convene to determine who lives and who dies?

And if you think the situation isn’t this dire, consider what […]

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