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With a special election just weeks away, very little coverage has focused on the GOP candidate for Ohio’s 12th Congressional district. Troy Balderson has posted some particularly swampy fundraising reports with energy companies effectively bankrolling his run for Congress.

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Hey boys and girls, here’s what we’re reading today:

Columbus Dispatch continues to give Kasich an assist in his attacks on Obama

Yesterday, Dispatch readers were greeted with a front-page story in which our Governor minimized jobs created in one of our most important industries in order to attack the President and loans that kept Detroit afloat. Kasich, you’ll recall, opposed government intervention in the carmakers’ future.

This morning, Kasich penned his own piece on the editorial page talking up his energy legislation, which he signs tomorrow. The bill allows oil and gas companies […]

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There is a war on science and the environment in Ohio. Numerous recent pieces of legislation and decisions by state agencies make it clear—the GOP has put politics over science and the health of Ohio’s environment time and time again. One need only look to recent legislation to allow drilling in state parks, unlimited water withdrawals from Lake Erie, or new fracking regulation which prevent disclosure of chemicals used in the fracking process and continue to allow disposal of fracking waste by deep underground injection.

Today we’ll explore one of several recent examples of the Kasich administration making decisions based more on […]

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In 2008, the General Assembly passed nearly unanimously Governor Strickland’s energy policy which reversed the disasterous (in the words of the conservative Ohio Manufacturers Association) electricity deregulation policy passed in the 1990s (which, ironically, was strongly pushed by… the Ohio Manufacturers Association who later learned to regret their deregulation=better for business myopic world view.)  Now, with Governor Kasich in office and complete GOP control of state government, the very policies the GOP supported way back in 2008 is under attack by pro-fossil fuel zealots with their outdated, Stone Age views on energy policy.

Enter Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Kevin […]

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Yesterday, the Kasich Administration announced that the Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources was leaving the Cabinet… to become the energy industry “manager” position in Jobs Ohio.  As the Dispatch put it:

He moves from a post as director of the state Department of Natural Resources to a seat as energy manager for JobsOhio, Gov. John Kasich’s newly privatized development effort. Assistant Natural Resources Director Scott Zody will take over as interim chief of the agency.

Some of the new drilling might come on state lands he used to supervise; legislation passed this year allows […]

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It’s hard to capture every nuisance and change in the budget when it takes the Senate GOP caucus fifteen pages just to describe the amendments, and I haven’t the time (or yet present ability) to read the amendments myself.


Workers Compensation Council. InnovationOhio was quick to declare a partial victory in that the Ohio Senate’s omnibus budget amendment eliminates the unstaffed Workers Compensation Council.  That’s pretty remarkable when you consider ordinarily such a move should have been made in the separate budget for Workers Compensation that has already been signed into law.  Also, we all know that […]

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 The challenging economic environment has always meant a tough budget balancing act for the Governor and his policy makers.  Ohio is dealing with a projected $8 billion shortfall, which is the context for the administration’s mathematical acrobatics. 

Both the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio are funded through assessments paid by utilities, not funded through the state’s general revenue fund (In other words, not funded by taxpayer dollars).  The cuts then do not directly save taxpayer funds.

Theoretically, if the fees on utilities are lessened, then those savings could be passed […]

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Remember Red Herring from the short-lived “A Pup Called Scooby-Doo” cartoon series –  the red-headed bully that Freddie mistakenly blamed for all the mishap?

Red Herring has been recast in Governor Kasich’s first budget as a small consumer call center located in the scruffy consumer agency that is at times considered a thorn in the side of Ohio’s utilities – the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel

The thirty-five-year-old agency will sustain a 51 percent budget cut should Kasich’s budget proposal be passed, or $4.1 million, impacting the agency’s ability to intervene in the variety of utility legal […]

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Jesus Christ, on a cracker, I just thought it was a bad optic to have an oil and gas industry executive to head ODNR.  But according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it’s why Kasich is appointing Mustine:

"He’s a businessman. He understands the various issues on developing resources and being able to think outside of the box," Kasich said.

Kasich indicated that he’s open to the idea of drilling for oil and gas under state parkland – an idea that has been kicked around by Republican lawmakers in the last few legislative cycles but never fully adopted.


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Kasich’s war on renewable energy, Pt. 1: The Mistake About the Lake

The lawsuit filed against Tom Ganley forced me to delay writing about the second part of Kasich’s continuing gaffes on matters regarding renewable energy policy in Ohio.

In late September, Kasich indicated to the Dayton Daily News that he opposed Ohio’s renewable energy mandate that was part of Strickland’s 2008 re-regulation of Ohio’s electric utility markets (re-regulation after the GOP’s 1990s de-regulation proved to be better on conservative think-tank’s “academic” papers than in reality.)

“We better be careful we’re not running up […]

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Just like last week with education, John Kasich’s woeful ignorance on matters of policy—supposedly what was his strength—is helping show a stark contrast in this election.  This time, it’s Strickland’s push for renewable energy.

Here’s what Kasich said at his CSI (Copying Strickland’s Ideas) regulatory reform package on Strickland’s announced plan to build the largest freshwater wind farm in the nation.

This has to be the first time a Republican has opposed using our national resources for our energy needs because it threatens a non-endangered species of fish.

Hypothetically, what if it was oil under Lake Erie?  What would the […]

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