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Levin’s conflict of interest is about 20 times greater, to be exact.

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Per my previous post, where I note that these people haven’t got the first clue about what they are doing, Henry Gomez finds yet another instance.

Yet as Smyers offered that critique, she was working actively to help elect Chris Ronayne, a council candidate in District 3. That same day, Ronayne’s campaign sent out?invitations for a March 10 fundraiser listing Smyers as one of more than two dozen “host committee” members….

“I think you raise an interesting question that I had not previously considered,” Smyers, who last year was a co-chair of the successful Issue 6 reform […]

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Latest issue of the Independent is about to hit the streets, here are more pieces from this edition – I have a blurb on the District 3 county council race’s conflict of interest extravaganza, and one on the Lancer event with Jennifer Brunner. ?James has a piece on Bill Mason covering up his texting habits (could use a lawyer!), and one on Bill O’Neill’s run against Steve Latourette.

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In the Cuyahoga County Council District 3 race, Dan Brady has begun to make an issue of his opponent Chris Ronayne’s blatant conflict of interest. ?Ronayne will run for, and if he wins, sit in the District 3 seat, while still taking a $185,000 a year salary from University Circle Inc., a non-profit with a billion dollar endowment which will have business before the county.

The PD’s Henry Gomez, whose coverage of the county council races has been pretty good to date, today seems to poo poo on the obvious conflict, citing Ronayne’s own lawyers, who incredibly, don’t see […]

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All weekend, I’ve been praying to the porcelain god, begging for mercy from whatever bug has been going through Cleveland like a hot knife through butter lately. ?I’m emerging from it slowly, so blogging has been light. ?But I just had to post this to get reader reaction – Chris Ronayne announces on Youtube his campaign for Cuyahoga County Council District 3. ?Thoughts?

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Just heard that Chris Ronayne has announced to a Democratic ward club meeting that he’s running for county council, not county executive, to represent County Council District 3, which consists of Cleveland wards 13-17. ?Ronayne came to his senses, realizing that he has no business thinking he can win countywide on his first run for office. ?But running for council presents a very big problem for Ronayne, one I will likely be dealing with if I join Ronayne in this council as councillor for District 7.

Ronayne is president of?University Circle Inc., the massive non-profit which handles development in […]

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