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November 11, 2010

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your incredibly generous support of the Ohio Democratic Party’s (ODP) 2010 Election effort.

Though last Tuesday’s election results did not go our way, your strong support allowed ODP and our Coordinated Campaign to nearly pull off an upset victory during one of the worst economic climates in generations.

How close was the election?

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Barack Obama and Ohio in 2012

On November 3, 2010 By

In 1994, as a field staffer in Cuyahoga County, the day after the election was so depressing, all I wanted to do was see Bill Clinton on the TV.  It was a strange, helpless feeling.  Today, I kinda had the same feeling when Barack Obama came out to the East Room for a press conference after taking, in his words, “a shellacking”.

When Clinton held the same press conference in 1994, Democrats had lost both the House and Senate.  In Ohio, it was our Rob Burch year, when ODP nearly lost major party status because Burch’s 25% was so catastrophic.  […]

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Stepping away from blogging for long periods at a time gives you a little perspective, for better or worse.  Sound and fury indicating nothing ebbs away, and what’s left to see is remarkably familiar.

The election of the first black president in our history was bound to smoke out the worst instincts in a very small number of Americans.  Typically for our age, it began online.  The email smear campaign of 2007-2008 has completely mutated into what is now today’s Republican Party.  This was inevitable, given how little credibility remains of Republican dogma and policy.  They are bankrupt intellectually and […]

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