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I’m sure you all saw this clip of Carly Fiorina, GOP candidate for Senate in California, but here it is with a little message from a friend of mine.

Funny and cringe-worthy. All in under 30 seconds.

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Obama Takes on the House GOP

On January 29, 2010 By

This afternoon, I looked up at my muted TV and saw President Obama and Rep. Boehner. I unmuted. What followed was a solid hour of amazing TV. Not just amazing political TV. Seriously, I encourage you to watch the entire Q&A session between Obama and members of the House GOP.

We need more dialogue like this. But I don’t expect it to happen. Apparently, the House GOP now believes this session was a mistake…because it made Obama look good. Who cares that it made our democracy look good too!

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My money moves from Wachovia to the 1st Commonwealth Bank of Virginia this weekend. How about you?

The big banks are already spending our tax dollars. They don’t need my money as well.

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Buying American

On January 6, 2010 By

I haven’t written here for a couple of weeks…I’ve been busy buying my first home! It’s a great 105-year old bungalow in Arlington, VA.

I’m blogging about our efforts to buy appliances, products, fixtures, etc. for the house that are manufactured in the U.S. over at ManufactureThis. I’ll be cross-posting here as well. Please add your recommendations for relevant products made in the U.S. in comments on either site.

Our American-made home

My husband and I just bought our first home! It?s new to us, but was built in 1904. Despite being in great shape for being more […]

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“I pledge not to fuck you.”

On December 17, 2009 By

Funny, funny stuff.

(And, I can’t believe I used “fuck” in a headline. I’ve been spending too much time with these Plunderbund guys!)

F the Vote w/ Zach Gilford & Eva Amurri from Zach Gilford

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Homework: Algebra. Gatsby. Taliban.

On December 15, 2009 By

I love where I live.

Arlington County, Virginia is quite a liberal oasis.

I heard this story this morning on our local, Washington, D.C. NPR station about one of our middle schools. Apparently, while teaching critical-thinking skills to our next generation, a teacher assigned a mock United Nations debate topic where one team of students had to represent the Taliban. Imagine having to learn WHY the Taliban does what it does!

Anyway, the principal pulled the plug on the exercise after some parents complained.

Now, why I love living in Arlington: 1) a teacher actually had the […]

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It only took 24 pages.

I picked up the book to give it another try after Thanksgiving. My annoyance with the first 15 pages had faded. All I remembered was the boredom. So, I gave it another shot.

Then, on page 22, she quoted “french writer Blaise Pascal.” I wondered if that was someone I should know from college philosophy or political science. Couldn’t recall, so I made a note to google it.

But within two more pages, when Palin supposedly quotes Plato, I had had enough. I closed the book, put the cover back on and stuck it in […]

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[Note: This is the 5,000th post here at Plunderbund. Ironically enough it is not really about politics. also ironic – and typical – is that it blew up in comments. Very Plunderific! YaY milestones!]

Should Powerful Men Not Get Married? My TV-boyfriend Dylan Ratigan thinks so.

His theory is that men with power – in this case Tiger Woods because he’s a celebrity worth $1 billion – should not get married because they are in too many situations where they will be tempted to sleep around. These men constantly have women “making themselves sexually available” to them. (If taken […]

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Infrastructure Fairies?

On November 24, 2009 By

Honestly, I did not think Going Rogue was going to be any sort of challenge to read (of course, I also didn’t think I’d be in the process of buying a house this week!).

But the book is boring.

After reading a page or two, I think to myself, “Why did Sarah Palin think anyone would want to read that anecdote?”

And then there are the times she just confuses me.

One example: in the first few pages of the book, she wrote that when oil production started booming in 1977, “billions of dollars flowed into state […]

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China Cheats and We Lose Jobs

On November 19, 2009 By

I had to skip my second night with the Palin book to attend (and work at) a town hall meeting in Baltimore about U.S. manufacturing policy, or rather, the need for a U.S. manufacturing policy.

I’ve been working on this issue for a while but I finally understood more about why U.S. manufacturing has declined so significantly. I always understood that China was part of the problem, but I just assumed it was because they were winning in the market place: they could make and sell products more cheaply than we could. I thought this was only because they paid […]

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I bought the book yesterday. I seriously considered going to a bookstore in another town where there was no chance of me running into someone I know or having the cashier recognize me, but I just took a deep breath and went into my neighborhood B&N.

Then, I circled the store. Who knew buying a book would be stressful (especially for a book addict like me)!?

I picked up the latest US Weekly and Harper’s (which has a cover story about the future of newspapers) and then took the plunge, grabbed the book and headed to the checkout.

I […]

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