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This column is premised on a truth I’ve discovered over nearly forty years of practicing law and working in politics. Conservatives are weak. They lack the self-discipline to grasp what conservatism actually means and if they actually understood the doctrine, they wouldn’t believe in it. Donald Trump has destroyed what little that remained of conservatism. Liberals are now responsible for the future of the United States.

July 16, 2018, brought America to a turning point. No American will ever again be able to honestly defend Donald Trump. Trump publicly took sides against the United States by believing that Vladimir Putin […]

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Democrats are now arguing whether Richard Cordray or Dennis Kucinich will be a better candidate. That’s a worthwhile argument as long as Democrats don’t become so divided that the supporters of the loser in the May primary refuse to vote for the winner in November. Democrats should not make Mike DeWine the next governor of Ohio through infighting, a possibility more plausible than it should be.

The question is whether the primary will become so rancorous that it causes a lower Democratic turnout in November. If so, the Democratic ticket from top to bottom will be in trouble. Ohio history tells an important […]

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It’s impossible to imagine what Donald Trump will do or say next. At least every other day he makes most Americans wish he would remember why God gave him two ears and a mouth.  People wonder where America is headed, but things will turn out fine. The roller coaster ride will be over sooner than we think.

Trump is far more foam than beer. His only important achievement so far is a tax cut that benefits too many people who don’t need it and leaves average Americans with a very small slice of the pie. Trump has not (as promised) withdrawn from […]

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With his criticism of NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem, Donald Trump has indisputably proven that he is morally unfit to be President of the United States. Democrats’ responsibility to restore our country’s greatness has become a moral imperative. We must start with the working class whites who are Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters.

Democrats are overanalyzing Trump. The reality is that he became president by playing to peoples’ fears instead of their hopes because he knows angry people don’t think. The majority of Trump voters want positive changes because the everyday people who make America work […]

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The Republicans’ failure to repeal and replace Obamacare will benefit America. Americans now have a real chance to improve our health care system instead of having to climb that Everest-like mountain a second time. However, Democrats must remember that we did not did not prevent the destruction of Obamacare; three Republican senators did. Had just one of those three changed his or her vote, Americans’ future would be far bleaker. And it would have been our fault. 

If Democrats don’t give the American people a workable alternative to Trump and the Republicans, we will shirk our duty to the American people. […]

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Putting his father’s presidency in jeopardy, Donald Trump, Jr. has opened a door that can’t be shut. I still think President Trump will resign by the end of this year (see my post of May 18) and for the same reason.

He doesn’t want the American people to know about his business dealings with Russia. He now knows, or at least should know, that Independent Counsel Robert Mueller will investigate those transactions. How will we get from here to there? There is no sure way to predict, but that’s what makes prediction fun.

There is no […]

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The United States Supreme Court is going to decide whether Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim tirades can be used to determine whether his new immigration order is constitutional. When deciding the meaning of a written document, courts look at its plain language. If the words are clear, that decides the case. When there’s an ambiguity in the language, judges will try to determine the underlying intent of the person or people who wrote it to see if the uncertainty can be resolved. Cases like that are common.

The Trump immigration case is unique because the wording of his immigration order is […]

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The odds are no better than even that Trump will be president at the end of this year. I don’t say that lightly because I’m cautious by nature. But I also trust my instincts and they tell me Trump’s closer to the cliff than even the most virulent anti-Trumpers think. My reasoning is simple. Trump’s gotten himself into enough trouble that his presidency won’t survive without a bare-knuckled brawl. However, he’s a bully and like all bullies, he’ll back down from a real fight. He’ll resign.

I reached that conclusion on the morning of May 17 as I listened to […]

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Regardless of your personal opinion of The Donald, an objective look at President Trump’s first one hundred days shows more foam than beer. He has no legislative achievements to speak of (as even the far right-wing website Bretibart admits) and Americans know he talks too much. Right-wing radio hosts have trumpeted (pun intended) Neil Gorsuch’s ascension to the Supreme Court, the use of the Congressional Review Act to repeal a dozen Obama promulgated regulations while leaving thousands or more intact and the use of force against Syria and ISIS in Afghanistan. Those are small potatoes compared to Trump’s promises for […]

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