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Some descriptive statements may seem political when they are, in fact, merely stubborn truths. Such is the case with the fact that the contemporary Republican party, at least on the federal level, lacks both the ideas and the will to improve American health care. To be sure, Republicans take positions all the time that will dramatically impact Americans’ health, and in important ways. But those impacts are ancillary, mere collateral damage in wars being waged in the other policy domains, such as concerned with taxes and guns.

Let’s be clear about the present situation. In 2016, the Republican party lined […]

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Attorney General Mike DeWine made headlines last week with his announcement that he now supports the Medicaid expansion authorized as part of the Obama-era health care reform known as the Affordable Care Act. This miraculous transformation, we are to believe, has occurred after DeWine spent the entire 2018 primary season–which wrapped up only weeks ago–blasting anybody who could even remotely be tagged as supporting Medicaid expansion. Now, turning on a dime, DeWine would like us to believe that he is a friend of the poor and near poor Ohioans who depend on Medicaid.

What’s really going on here?

Let’s get […]

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Back in January, I argued against the general idea of imposing work requirements for Ohio’s Medicaid program. The details of Ohio’s proposed Medicaid work requirements (PDF link) are now open for public comment. As the proposed language makes clear, Ohio is set to go all in on the mythology that forcing the very small population of people on Medicaid who might be able to work, but do not currently, will make them healthier overall. Most health care experts who have looked at the question agree that though the requirements are likely to move a small fraction of […]

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It’s primary season and health care is on the ballot. With Tuesday, May 8 fast approaching, I wanted to offer some thoughts on the positions taken by each of Ohio’s gubernatorial candidates specifically in the area of health policy.

Given the uncertainty of the partisan composition of the U.S. Congress after the coming mid-term elections, the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still unknown. It appears that Congressional Republicans may even be making a play to attempt to repeal the ACA before the midterm election in November.

While federal politics are uncertain, the positions taken by the major […]

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Ohio is now considering establishing work requirements for its Medicaid program. The Trump administration took steps last week to make this possible, issuing new guidelines for states. Notably, the new guidelines draw on provisions of the Affordable Care Act that were intended to help states expand Medicaid. In paving the way for restricting access to Medicaid, they pervert the intent of those provisions.

Requiring more Medicaid eligibles to work might sound like a sensible idea on the surface. Of course, it’s important to listen to the arguments of those who believe that many Medicaid recipients could work […]

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I’m thrilled to be contributing to Plunderbund in 2018. For my first post I would like to share a few thoughts about approaching the public health crises that face Ohio. My hope is that such thoughts might help sharpen our political strategizing just a bit. I hope that this perspective is not only helpful in this important mid-term and gubernatorial election year, but the beginning of an ongoing conversation among Ohio’s progressives interested in health care activism.

Bluntly put, progressives tend to reduce health care to a set of policy positions that, while important, do not get to the heart […]

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