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I just saw a really interesting interview with self-identified “crypto-anarchist” Cody Wilson about the Distributed Defense project of open source printable guns. It can be a little difficult to follow if you aren’t well versed in radical leftist thought, but it is an interesting discussion none-the-less.

Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

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National Data Privacy Day

On January 28, 2013 By

Today is Data Privacy Day, and we would like to mention a few techniques and applications you should consider using to protect your privacy online, especially in this environment of growing policy and corporate monitoring of our activities online. Everyone knows to be careful about what information you share on Facebook, but simply by being on the network you provide a lot more information than you might think.

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We won the big fights tonight…

On November 7, 2012 By

… but still have a lot of hard work to do.

The wins? Obvious – Obama, and Brown winning here in Ohio. Warren winning in Massachusetts. McCaskill in Missouri. A net gain in Senate seats. It was about the “soft middle” deciding that they preferred the policies of Democrats. But more importantly, it was about voters rejecting the obstructionism and lying by the modern GOP. For now, at least. The GOP spent most of Obama’s first term (and all of the last two years) doing everything in their power to block any and all progress by Obama and the Democratic Party at addressing the country’s issues. […]

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I was absolutely incredulous when I first heard the specifics of Mitt Romney’s (R – 1955) energy policy. In a nut shell, he pledges “North American” energy independence in just 8 years. How? Entirely via supply-side reforms of the fossil fuels industry. Note there is not a single mention of managing the demand side, even by way of something as simple and relatively unintrusive as improved CAFE standards. But with all of these shale oil and tar sands resources, surely we can drill our way to oil prosperity, right? I’m not so sure. (And I’m even going to ignore […]

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Tactical Voting Guide

On October 17, 2012 By

One thing I heard in the Plunderbund debate chat last night were a few people who have already voted for (or decided to vote for) Jill Stein instead of Barack Obama. This is a terrible decision. Allow me to explain why.

First, I should preface my comments by saying that I’m sympathetic to people who prefer Stein to Obama. In fact, when I go to and take the quiz, the most recent time I have done so it suggested my preferred positions were more in line with Jill Stein’s positions. I still strongly aligned with Barack Obama, but Stein […]

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Today, the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security released a report titled “Deepening Democracy: A Strategy for Improving the Integrity of Elections Worldwide”. The report is not particularly glowing with regards to the status of American democracy, specifically pointing out recent efforts to suppress African American voting (page 30) and problems with political finance (page 34) – two of the five stated challenges to the integrity of elections.

You can read the report here.

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White House Honey Ale

On September 4, 2012 By

Unless you’re a beer guy (like several of us at Plunderbund), this might have slipped under your radar. Not long ago, President Obama mentioned that they were making beer in the White House, and that generated a lot of interest from the homebrewing community (of which, at least two of us here at Plunderbund are – or have been – a part of). Over the weekend, the White House released recipes for two of their homebrewed beer, both made with honey from the White House bees. They even included a short video showing the process.

This is a […]

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Why are governments paralyzed?

On August 15, 2012 By

Saw this interesting article this morning on Project Syndicate.

Others argue that Western democracies have the opposite problem: a surfeit of narrow, politically assertive interests leads to underinvestment and poor tradeoffs between present and future opportunities and performance.

This brings us to a crucial obstacle: Government, business, financial, and academic elites are not trusted. Lack of trust in elites is probably healthy at some level, but numerous polls indicate that it is in rapid decline, which surely increases citizens’ reluctance to delegate authority to navigate an uncertain global economic environment.

The conclusions of this article seem fairly obvious to […]

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SOPA/PIPA : What you need to know

On January 18, 2012 By

As you may have noticed, several sites have “gone dark” (Reddit, Wikipedia), or put up some kind of splash screen or informational graphic about the internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA in the House and Senate, respectively. We briefly considered going dark ourselves, but as a political site, decided that wasn’t the best course of action.

However, we would like to give you some information about the bills, and some actions you can take to oppose them.

First, amazingly enough CNN Money has a pretty good summary of the two bills, in layman’s terms, up on their site. If […]

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Brief note on #OccupyWallStreet

On October 20, 2011 By

We haven’t written anything on #OccupyWallStreet yet (or any of the Occupy groups in Ohio), and I am not going to force us into an editorial position on the movement at this time, but personally, as a fan, I wanted to provide some information to our readers about reputable sites for information. Sometimes, such an egalitarian, leaderless, democratic movement can be a little messy, especially looking at it from the outside, and it can be hard to know what information is “official”. I’ve seen some stuff flying around on the internet that is most definitely not sanctioned by the New […]

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Deep Thoughts

On January 12, 2011 By

Why is it that when people espouse “personal responsibility”, it’s virtually always in an attempt to deflect responsibility away from themselves? Wouldn’t “personal responsibility” really mean recognizing the consequences of your own actions, and owning those things? Doing so doesn’t absolve anyone else from their own areas of responsibility.

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