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I’ve been poking around the post-shutdown comments to get a greater understanding of how the commander-in-chief’s brain-locked base reacted to his retreat from demanding big money for his storied wall. The tense body language of his apologists told me that they are struggling to make sense of their favorite president.

They have been squirming.   Making lame excuses.  Some even abandoning their faith that he would indeed Make America Great Again on the backs of brown-skinned terrorists.  It was ugly and the polls reflected the despair.

The twiggish and loopy Ann Coulter, for example, who has made a good living by merely being odd.  She popped out of her right-wing pod long enough to denounce Trump as the biggest “wimp” in presidential history.  I don’t know how that played across Iowa, particularly in Steve King’s enclave. But it couldn’t have helped him out of the ashes of despair.

Coulter didn’t stop there.  Next thing you know she was on Bill Maher’s  HBO show saying the same thing and threatening that she would never come back to Donald until he built the wall.

But the topper was billionaire commerce secretary Wilbur Ross. who said he couldn’t understand why furloughed federal workers wouldn’t get some loans to in the absence of paychecks. (The New York Times reported, too, that Wilbur “pads around Washington in $600 embroidered slippers and dines in high style.”)

I should mention, too, that Larry Kudlow, Trump’s recently hired top economic advisor with a reputation for making bad calls, assured  Americans that the shutdown was nothing more than a “glitch.”

Now that the issue is settled, can we get back to the more pleasant chapter about Roger Stone?