Can we now agree that Donald Trump’s cancellation of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s flight on a military aircraft to Afghanistan was a grounded “Hail Mary”  that solved nothing more than to satisfy his own ego against THAT WOMAN?

We should understand that Trump has never had to suffer a female opponent in which cash was not an important element. His only commitment since moving into the Oval Office was to advance his notions of a White (Guy) House without any threat to his universal power.

And as we have seen, he has again overestimated his assumed manly authority:  Pelosi is battle-hardened after decades in the trenches against a force field that even included resistance among some Democrats who cringed at her feisty presence in their party.  She isn’t a woman who will simply make dinner and then reach for a knitting needle. After the feathery management of the Trump initiatives in the House by Republican Paul Ryan, she is exactly what the nation needs against a  corrupt president whose salary we have paid to play golf a third of his time when he wasn’t trying to cut a deal with Vladimir Putin.

Clearly, Trump was not prepared for back-talk from a powerful woman, particularly one who stood before him fully clothed.

Oh, about the military aircraft: That’s how Malania flew the same day to Mar-a-Lago.