As videos remind us of Michael Flynn’s harsh demands against Hillary Clinton to “lock her up”, there is growing speculation that he will not be imprisoned for his disgraceful role in the Russia probe.  The debate over Flynn’s fate as a mob canary will extend to both sides of special counsel Robert Mueller’s penetrating reach.

At this point, does it really matter?  The disgraced general has already condemned himself ago to imprisonment in the pages of history books from which he can’t escape – now and forever.

That leads me to ask why people are so willing to give up their name, honor, and reputation in their ignoble quest for power and riches.  History is full of such losers.   Team Trump, led by the mega-con man that bears its name, will simply add a lot more criminals to it. (We can’t imagine what Michelangelo would have done with them in his hellish fresco in the Sistine Chapel.)

Of course, as he led the wicked chant about Hillary, he did assure us that if he had done a tenth of what Hillary had done, “I would be in jail.”

You’re already there, Mike.