On the heels of his election as Ohio’s next Governor, Mike DeWine today gave a press conference to announce his first key hires and it’s worth noting for its tone. DeWine was humble and conciliatory, admitting that his election came as a bit of a surprise to him with polls over the past week or so looking like it could go either way.

We fully went into last night expecting to be there very late. The fact that we won by the margin we did was a suprise.

Unlike DeWine’s predecessor John Kasich, he didn’t blast his enemies and opponents for bygone grievances like when Kasich, immediately following his election threatened statehouse lobbyists that they had better “get on the bus or get run over by the bus” and telling the education groups that opposed his election should take out a newspaper ad to apologize. Also missing was DeWine’s aggressive posture from the campaign trail.

In his remarks, DeWine recommited to his campaign promise of working for bipartisan solutions, specifically noting that he is a strong believer in local government and committed to work with Ohio’s Democratic and Republican mayors and other local officials. He did not rule out including Democrats in his cabinet.

He also talked of the importance of creating new cabinet posts for the initiatives that were important to him — naming LeeAnne Cornyn as his new Cabinet-level Director of Children’s Issues — to have a dedicated person who thinks night and day about how to advance those key priorities who can walk into his office and move things forward. DeWine also spoke today of appointing a cabinet-level official with responsibility for our military installations like Wright Patterson Air Force Base and NASA Glenn. Today the DeWine administration also announced longtime DeWine aide Laurel Dawson will head up the transition team and named Lisa Peterson his Communications Director.

DeWine was not prepared to announce whether Lieutenant Governor-elect Jon Husted had been assigned to a cabinet-level role in the DeWine administration. Some LG’s will serve in dual roles, such as Lee Fisher heading up Ted Strickland’s Department of Development and Mary Taylor as Director of the Department of Insurance.

He did announce that he would retain his residence in Cedarville and go there on the weekend, while living in the official Governor’s residence during the week.

We hope this new tone and expressions of bipartisanship, in marked contrast into how John Kasich entered office, signifying a sincere willingness to work collaboratively in the best interests of the state and that Ohioans can leave the misrepresentations and attacks behind… for a while.

Watch the press conference: