The Mike DeWine campaign has reached a new low.

Their latest ad claims that Rich Cordray’s votes “raised taxes 100 times in two years.”

Tiny on-screen text references House Bill 904 in the 119th General Assembly

That was a budget bill passed in 1991, when Rich was in the Ohio House.

The Senate was controlled by Republicans. The Governor was a Republican. The Lieutenant Governor was Mike DeWine. And no budget passed without their support.

The ad is misleading because it suggests the tax increases were passed and impacted Ohio taxpayers. Anything that ultimately passed and affected taxpayers would have had to have been approved by the Republican Senate and Mike DeWine’s boss and running mate, Governor George Voinovich.

The ad is incredibly unfair and misleading.

And yesterday Mike DeWine loaned his campaign $3 million of his own money so he could run these ads nonstop from now until election day.

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