Casey Weinstein, the Democratic candidate in one of Ohio’s most contested State House of Representative races, has received a critical endorsement in his bid to win District 37.

The Akron Beacon Journal has come out in favor of Weinstein, a Hudson city councilman, with an editorial endorsement over his Republican opponent Mike Rasor. This endorsement is the latest in a litany of prominent approvals of Weinstein’s candidacy.

The moderate district — Hillary Clinton carried the area by a narrow margin in 2016 — has been vacated by incumbent far-right operative and anti-labor pol Kristina Roegner and Weinstein is working to turn the seat blue. District 37 encompasses parts of Hudson, Stow, Twinsburg, Macedonia and other northeast Ohio suburbs.

The Beacon Journal praised Weinstein for his belief in public investment, including the restoration of the Local Government fund and a major renewal of support for public education at all levels. Weinstein’s background, in addition his role as city councilman, includes graduating from the Air Force Academy and serving in our armed forces for years. He is now an executive developing business with the Air Force at an information technology firm.

Rasor, his opponent, has far from the kind of wholesome American background that the district appears to be searching for.

The Republican was severely sanctioned by a federal judge for his role as an attorney in withholding evidence and misleading a federal court. Why’d he do it? To defend a businessman who was buying used medical devices — intended to apply pressure to bleeding wounds and mostly used to take care of seniors in nursing homes — and swapping them out with new units from his competition’s warehouses.

Weinstein slammed Rasor for the “culture of corruption” he participated in by helping to falsify evidence to defend this crook and the Republican and his law firm were eventually fined millions by the federal justice system for their role in the case.

Rasor’s record is so poor and suspect that the Koch brothers have had to come in and attempt to intervene in the race. Weinstein and Rasor had been neck-and-neck in fundraising for their race, but Rasor is now one of six Ohio candidates being backed by outside money from Americans for Prosperity, the Koch’s political arm.