Anyone who doubts that Judge Brett Kavanaugh would target Roe v. Wade as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice might want to check the name, Leonard Leo. He is the executive vice president of the conservative 60,000 member Federalist Society, a legal group that has no small influence along Potomac waters.

The society submitted a couple of lists of possible presidential nominees before Kavanaugh was chaperoned to Trump by Leo, a well-tailored live-wire anti-abortionist who was described in the New Yorker last year by Jeffrey Toobin “as being shaped as much by Catholicism as by conservatism.”  Toobin quoted Leo:

“My grandparents were deeply religious people, they were daily Mass attendees. So I got all of that”

In the piece, Toobin noted that Edward Whalen, a conservative writer, has observed: “No one has been more dedicated to the enterprise of building a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade”

I mention this because Kavanaugh will eventually declare his neutrality on the abortion issue.

As one who has been on both sides of the decades-long controversy, Trump rushed into the debate  to defend his nominee with his usual barrel of superlatives:

“He’s an outstanding intellect. Respected by everybody. He’s never even had a little blemish on his record.”

No blemish.  The perfect human being. You may want to see Christine Blasey Ford for a second opinion. Who but this president could recognize such perfection?

My hunch is that not until the job opened up with the retirement of Anthony Kennedy had Trump even met the man.  Tell me that I am wrong as a perfect human being. Where’s my Leo?

So onward with the fanciful hearings featuring the charge of the white brigade, Republican white guys all pledging their commitment to justice while trying to stay awake, no slight challenge to the octogenarians like Orrin Hatch.

Folks, why do we even bother when the other side has Leonard Leo?

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