The failure of Betsy DeVos to effectively advance her privatization of public education agenda at the federal level is no reason for public education advocates to diminish their efforts. The September 4 Washington Post article “The education of Betsy DeVos: why her school choice agenda has not advanced” might prompt some public school advocates to ease up on their efforts.

The article said: “Her motivation, DeVos says, is to make sure every child can escape failing schools, even if parents can’t afford private school tuition. Critics counter that vouchers and related programs help only a few students and drain money from public schools serving everyone else.

The first Trump budget proposed $1.4 billion to promote school choice, offset by deep cuts to other education programs…But in Congress, aides say the fight was over before DeVos arrived. The Senate had already twice rejected school choice plans during a 2015 debate, and even DeVos backers believed the outcome this time would be no different.”

The school choice zealots, particularly those who are profiting from the privatization movement, are ramping up efforts at the state and local levels. The glitz of the privatization movement is wearing off; hence the privatizers are intensifying their campaign with new talking points.

People must be informed of the democratic imperative of maintaining a strong public common school system and the dangers of losing it.