It’s been a terrible week for Ohio ’s Trump Republican candidates as they meekly try to run out the clock on their president’s insults of iconic LeBron James. Forever the adolescent arbiter of the villainy of his critics, Trump decided to trample out the hardwoods where the grapes of wrath are stored.  It took no more than a split second to figure out that he was again imposing his racism by attacking the NBA superstar who had earlier called him – deservedly so  – a bum.  For the past week, James, an Akron guy, had been celebrated nationally for his foundation’s $2 million contributions to open a school for disadvantaged kids – another stride in the millions that the foundation had already granted to other much-needed causes.

Trump was clearly not pleased by the challenge that any other president would have ignored, and added an acid epilogue to an interview of James by CNN anchor Don Lemon.

With epic insight, Trump said Lemon had made James “look smart – which isn’t easy to do”.   On a roll, Trump also described Lemon, a black broadcaster,  as “the dumbest man on television.”

Lemon’s classic response:  James puts kids in classrooms.  Trump puts them in cages. (I might add that Trump took money from kids to enroll them in his fake university.)

But where did this leave Rep Jim Renacci (candidate for U.S. Senate), state  Sen. Frank LaRose, (candidate for secretary of state), and Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine (candidate for governor)?

OK,  guys,  Trump supporters who have yet to put your ties on the line:  do you agree with Trump’s demonic behavior?  Yes or no?

It should make a big difference to the voters in November.  Let’s not overstate relative competence.  Courage and cowardice should tell us all that we need to know with a president who is quite willing to put the nation ’s global image in the hands of a ruthless dictator in Moscow.

Well, yes or no?