Ohioans for Economic Opportunity, an advocacy group previously featured on our site, has come out with a new ad campaign urging Congressman Steve Chabot (OH-01) to end his cowardly behavior and face his constituents. The TV and radio spots are part of a $250,000 campaign targeting Chabot on his lack of explanation for why he voted to sabotage their access to health care by undermining the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The new spot, “Questions”, includes real Ohioans hosting a town hall with an empty pulpit as their launch their concerns with many of Chabot’s recent votes. Their issues range from Chabot’s vote to end protection for pre-existing conditions, his support to allow insurance companies to charge those over 50 more for coverage, and his constant sabotage of ObamaCare that is forcing premiums to soar.

“Congressman Chabot should come face his constituents and explain why he supports Donald Trump in taking healthcare away from 306,400 of his constituents with pre-existing conditions. Why he voted in favor of a loophole-ridden tax bill enriching wealthy corporate interests at the expense of our access to health care,’ said Ohioans for Economic Opportunity spokesperson Cliff Schecter.

“With rising health-care premiums–17% in Ohio–because of continuous efforts by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to sabotage [or, Chabotage] access to health care, Ohio families deserve to know where Congressman Chabot stands.”

These ads on TV and radio further prove that Steve Chabot is completely out of touch with his constituents. It’s clear those in OH-01 are frustrated and Chabot better watch out. This November, the Blue Wave is coming for him.

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