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Some folks might think it’s a bit crazy to drive 11 hours and travel 700 miles to Missouri just to visit a library. As someone who no doubt spent too much time in libraries during graduate school pursuing three different degree programs, I can certainly understand that sentiment. But what I found within the space of a few hours in that library’s research area could provide some people with a mini-course in American history.

Libraries are all about learning and discovery, to be sure. But when you visit a place like the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum, as Full Story...

Back in my newspaper days, I could always expect to receive some warm and fuzzy family Christmas cards from a politician preparing for the next election with a photo of a happy gathering of wife and kids (and often a dog) to prove that the candidate would be driven by the highest moral code as a public official.

Last Christmastide, I got a card with the full assembly of feel-good familyfrom State Sen. Frank LaRose with his wife, Lauren, three young daughters, and the ever-present dog squeezed among them. It’s silly stuff, I know, since kids and dogs – lovable though they […]

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As the 2018 cycle unfolds, pay attention to the progressive group Not One Penny.  According to Axios, the group has some deep pockets, and it will be spending a part of its cash on the race in Ohio’s 1st congressional district between Aftab Pureval and Steve Chabot.

With Vice President Mike Pence in Columbus today, Not One Penny’s spokesman Tim Hogan took the opportunity to remind Ohioans about the impact of the Trump administration’s policies.

“Thanks to Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, 433,100 Ohioans will lose their health insurance due to their continuous efforts to undermine […]

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We already knew he was a vandal. Now he’s given us even more proof of the full dimension of his destructive behavior.

After spending years vandalizing the legacy of President Barack Obama, first through birtherism (the movement that aimed to show President Obama was not a U.S. citizen) and continuing with the destruction of the Affordable Care Act, the Paris Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, Donald Trump has provided even more evidence of his banefulness. He’s tearing up documents which by law are to be protected and preserved.

If tearing up healthcare and international agreements weren’t enough, […]

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Bob Applebaum, Maple Heights School District Treasurer, spoke about the experience of Maple Heights with ECOT students at a June 6 Statehouse news conference conducted by Innovation Ohio. He is not quoted in a June 7 Columbus Dispatch article that covered the news conference, but his message is critically important.

Applebaum started his statement by saying: “…There is a big difference between a for-profit business and the business of educating students K-12.  Anyone who says “you should run a public school district like a business” is out of touch with reality. And anyone who says a “privately run for-profit […]

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In March 2017, one Democrat and one Republican introduced H.B. 123, a bill intended to close loopholes in a 2008 law that regulated payday lenders in Ohio. The bill, which languished in committee for over a year, was finally voted out of committee this April.

The media has dutifully stenographed each new twist in the bill’s progress and a prevailing narrative has emerged: there was some kind of dramatic schism within the payday lobby. Now they have divided into two camps: one that welcomes modest payday loan regulation and one that is dead set against it. Their impasse, […]

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The Moisture In Trump Tears

On June 9, 2018 By

I must begin today’s sermon with a question posed by Donald Trump. He asks, ever so poignantly: “When will Americans start to say, ’Thank you, Mr. President?’”

For an autocratic half-wit president who has led the country into a humiliating dive from democracy, the answer can only be: Never.

It is as though the country is in the hands of one of the national shredding companies, like Iron Mountain, whose service trucks boast of “safe and affordable destruction.”

This week Trump has managed to “disinvite” the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl champs, to a White House reception because the optics […]

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A May 27 Columbus Dispatch Capitol Insider article poses the question, “Who gets credit for reining in ECOT?” It seems the Attorney General wants credit.

The article quoted Joshua Eck, DeWine’s gubernatorial campaign spokesman, who said: “Mike DeWine is the only elected official who has made real progress in this case.” Eck went on to say “Everything that has been done about ECOT has been done through the attorney general’s representation.”

Yeah, right.

Now that disgraced ECOT is politically toxic, various politicians want to the credit for its demise. The State Auditor has filed a motion to intervene in the Lake Erie West lawsuit which […]

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Pruitt: Public Enemy No. 1

On June 5, 2018 By

Got this “Wanted” flier in the mail from the Sierra Club, whose environmental concerns I fully share.

That’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt, a creep who has been fouling our air and water with an ongoing series of moves to deregulate controls as a well-paid hit-man of wealthy coal barons in Kentucky, West Virginia and other battlegrounds to declare an end on the alleged “war on coal.” (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s favorite term.)

Not since people started dropping dead from lung disease and other respiratory disorders has there been such an official menace to people’s health than […]

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The tiny radio alarm clock came alive in my dark bedroom at 5 a.m., signaling it was time to get up and go to my internship site for another routine day at the close of the school year.

But the little box that aroused me that day in June 1968 sounded quite different from the usual wake-up-music. Instead of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Beach Boys, a cacophony of both excited and mournful voices replaced the playlist of familiar songs I was expecting. Instead of the typical morning fare, the radio was replete with non-stop reports on yet another American […]

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