Should you be in a desperate mood for happier faces during this torturous day of Trump Americana, I recommend paying close attention to the characters in the TV commercials. Whether they are promoting catheters or paper towels, everybody is laughing, dancing or otherwise expressing their delight at solving life’s problems.

There’s one senior couple that keeps strolling, hand in hand, with the look of utter contentment as they explain how they sold their insurance to place their money in more useful pursuits.

At least that’s what I think they did before I fumbled with the MUTE button.

The commercial’s sales pitch ends with the wife in a wide brim sun hat clipping a flower as she seems to assure you that you no longer need insurance to protect your flowers.  Many of the other commercials feature dogs that have no useful message other than they are far more lovable than the actors.

Kevin Hassett, chairman of the  White House Council of Economic Advisors, locked in a grin throughout a TV interview as he defended Trump’s version of a strong national economy.

Shucks, $1.5 trillion added national debt from tax cuts is no problem at all, he assured the viewer as he whistled merrily past the graveyard in a broad stroke against the historic Republican oath against tax and spend lefties.

No longer having a dog after all of these years, I remain unconvinced.