Using the current law, charter management companies are allowed to select the charter school board of education.How preposterous! House Bill 707 should address this charter industry flaw.

Under Ohio law, a charter management company can set up a charter school, shop for a sponsor and select the board for the charter. Not hard to find a sponsor. Sponsors, like St. Aloysius Orphanage and Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, tap into charter industry revenue streams. This ludicrous policy attracts individuals and groups allured by lucre.

A reader recently wrote about the dangers of charters school, saying, “The most important item that needs to be in this HB 707, (if For Profit Management companies continue) is the Governing Board selected by the Management Company, and fully controlled by the Management Company.”

“I am an expert on this. During my first four years at XX charter, the board was selected and controlled by the management company.” The superintendent made millions (he was part of the management company.)

How convenient is it for a charter management company to select the charter board? No conflict of interest here. Right? How could this egregious set up occur? Probably because the charter lobby wrote the legislation!

Charters should be subject to the same standards and rules as school districts or go out of business.