When Donald Trump launched his unique mission to make America great again, complete with promotional baseball caps and gift shop trinkets, little did we realize that the centerpiece of his goal was to create a master race… A master race.  It would seal his base of Wall Street whites, racists, thugs, some segments of the working class and, by all means, the unwavering evangelicals who grant him the rite of passage to the heavenly gate.

You may recall the cheering sections in his audiences chanting, “We want our country back.” We responded, “Back from what?” It was a rhetorical question since we knew that Trumpians were talking about the growing strength of African-American voters that helped elect Barack Obama twice. But the president’s egomaniacal theme was locked in place: “My country, ’tis of me.”

The fierce anger on the political right encouraged a Supreme Court Justice to wiggle his head disapprovingly as Obama spoke to Congress. Or a congressman shouting to the president, “You lie!”

The evidence was plain to see. The Trump team was not only exploiting the fears of white Americans that their historic dominance as voters were now being sullied by “those” people. I discovered the ferocity of that hatred at a Tea Party rally in Cuyahoga Falls in which some people wandered around with images referring to monkeys. You can guess.

So it has been Trump’s continuing effort to his greatness thing to purify America by destroying its culture of open arms to people with dark skin, funny names and whatever else it takes to sustain him as the celestial being who has replaced the Voice of America with his own in he satanic exercise of inhumanity on our southern border. It is there, we now learn, that we are warehousing kids for whatever we expect to do with them.

The media report that Trump is desperately trying to hang on to his base, which GOP Sen. Bob Corker perfectly described as a “cult”.” Others on his side of the aisle fretted that the Republican Party is dead, replaced by the Trump Party – which presides over Ohio, too. (Sen. Rob Portman was not among those who signed a letter by Sen. Orrin Hatch to Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions to stop the separation of would-be immigrant parents from their children. But that’s another example of our Republican senator who steps so softly on controversial matters that he could walk on sand without leaving a footprint.)

So, what will it be for our country, folks?

Since it will take more than those who follow his little column to lay a glove on Trump himself, my suggestion – and a strong one, at that, –  is to punish every Republican on the Ohio ballot – without exception – in November by voting for a Democrat. Do people who care about this country really have a choice?