Bob Applebaum, Maple Heights School District Treasurer, spoke about the experience of Maple Heights with ECOT students at a June 6 Statehouse news conference conducted by Innovation Ohio. He is not quoted in a June 7 Columbus Dispatch article that covered the news conference, but his message is critically important.

Applebaum started his statement by saying: “…There is a big difference between a for-profit business and the business of educating students K-12.  Anyone who says “you should run a public school district like a business” is out of touch with reality. And anyone who says a “privately run for-profit business can educate our students better than those who are entrenched solely in the public education of our students” is greatly mistaken.

This passion and eagerness to fight for change were carried through his statement. It is no secret that ECOT has drained over $1 billion out of more than 600 school districts since its beginning. Officials, in every school district, should be informing the public about the impact of the ECOT scam on their respective communities.

Applebaum stated, “From Maple Heights alone ECOT has taken over $3 million since 2009. Maple Heights has been able to stay away from asking for new tax dollars since 2003, but we are rapidly approaching the time when we will have to go back to the tax payers.”

ECOT’s charade is the tip of the iceberg in the charter industry. There are a lot of other bad actors in the charter world. More corruption in the industry is about to be exposed.

“Those businesses that are in the education business to make money must be stopped and eliminated and they must at the very least be held accountable under the public education standards of Ohio,” Applebaum said. “Let us finally level the playing field and put the financial accountability for these companies finally in place.”