I happened to watch some of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Washington Twp.,  Mich., with the sound muted, and it did appear that he was a symphonic conductor with flopping arms and commanding presence leading the score.  But, alas, when I later turned up the sound, it was orchestral nonsense, much like a noisy Spike Jones performance engaging in the hysteria of his audience.

So, another chapter of making America great with the added flourishes of an orchestrated crowd chanting “ No-BEL, No-BEL.”

Chris Cillizza of CNN listed online 57 of Trump’s “most outrageous and offensive lines” at the rally – and you can correctly guess most of them.

He complained that the huge adoring crowd in the hall could have expanded “five or six times had there been room.” (Will the Roman Coliseum be his next venue?)

He blamed border-less America for having the worst immigration laws in the world because “Democrats don’t care about crime.” He went on bragging that “we (Trump) are doing things that are good.”

He demanded that Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester resign for opposing Ronnie Jackson. Trump warned Montanans that he “knew things” about Tester that would prevent Tester from ever being elected again. Remember how he warned Comey that he had tapes of their conversation that would destroy the former FBI director forever?

Deeply concerned with environmental matters, he assured the eager crowd by saying “we will have crystal clean water. We will have beautiful clean air. We will be great.” Got that, Scott Pruitt?

We? Or he? Is he a real person? Or have we foolishly put Donald J. Duck in the White House?