If you spend any time on social media or at meetings of progressive activists you’ll know that progressive voters care about policy issues. Like, they really care.  Way more than they care about parties or most politicians. And, if you’re running for Governor, the best way to share your views on issues is to post them to a website.

The conversation this cycle comes thanks to Rich Cordray, who has frustrated the state’s voters–or at least the ones who haven’t met him in person–by failing to outline any policy solutions on his official website. And boy do we hear about it. Every day. So much. So, so much.

We don’t want to spend the next two months debating this decision by the Cordray campaign. It may be a conscious strategy to stay off the record (that would be so dumb in the current climate it’s hard to even fathom), or it may be due to getting a late start in the race and that, prior to getting in, he was bound by rules that prohibit engaging in political activities like hiring staff to do the tedious work that goes into detailed policy platforms.

If Rich Cordray loses to Dennis Kucinich in the primary, not having a website will become the new not having a drivers license, amirite?

So, based on our close listening to base voters, we know they want this information on a damn website, ASAP. And we realized:

we. have. a. website.

This will be the first of likely many attempts to pull the candidates’ positions into one hyperlinked place for you. At least what we could put together in a couple hours on a Saturday.


Here’s what we were able to find from our Democratic candidates for Governor on two fun fronts of the culture war. Next time we’ll look at boring technocrat stuff, we promise.

On Abortion Rights

Rich Cordray opposes what he calls the “relentless attacks” on women’s health, and says he will “fight to ensure that all women in Ohio will be allowed to make constitutionally protected decisions about their personal health and will have expanded access to critical health screenings, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as measures to prevent infant mortality.” Cordray also says he will work to restore funding for Planned Parenthood (Dispatch 3.7.18).

Dennis Kucinich: Kucinich supports abortion rights and public funding of abortions, and opposes parental consent laws, bans on insurance coverage, personhood laws, and TRAP laws that go after clinics (Kucinich website).

Bill O’Neill last week told the Cincinnati Enquirer that “his faith informs everything he does. As an abortion opponent, O’Neill said the best options for the women of Ohio are education, contraception and adoption” (Enquirer 3.7.18).

Joe Schiavoni wants to restore funding to Planned Parenthood and “access to affordable birth control, safe and legal abortion, and accurate medical information from qualified professionals (Schiavoni website).

On Guns

unconfirmed photo of Mike DeWine

Cordray has called for universal background checks, elimination of the internet and gun show loopholes, a ban on ‘bump-stocks’ and other devices to make a weapon fully automatic (Plain Dealer 2.19.18), said he wants to “rethink our approach to military-style weapons” (WOSU 2.20.18), put resource officers on-site in schools, train personnel to spot warning signs, appoint a gun violence prevention czar and establish task forces to “target illegal gun trafficking and gang violence, and to stage early interventions to stop likely offenders from committing gun crimes” (Facebook 2.19.18).

Kucinich wants cities to “pass resolutions calling on state lawmakers to tighten Ohio’s gun laws to include a ban on semiautomatic rifles” (Plain Dealer 2.19.18) and “ to keep people with dangerous mental health issues from owning guns” (Statehouse News 3.5.18).

O’Neill calls for “mandatory annual permits for owners of assault-style weapons, which they’d have to get in person from police, and seizure of those weapons if their owners commit crimes (Statehouse News 3.5.18).

Schiavoni has called for “closing the gun show loophole, mandating comprehensive background checks, effectively tracking online sales” and eliminating disparities in which gun sales must be reported to Police. He has also called for $33 million in additional funds for school districts to improve safety (Cleveland Scene 2.19.18) and wants a “‘red flag’ law related to dangerous mental health issues” (Statehouse News 3.5.18).

Let us know what topics you’d like to hear about next.