Allow me to begin this discourse with the full disclosure that I have no expertise in foreign diplomacy alignments in the Far East. That confession of ignorance will place me securely in the mindless ranks of the latest Trump reality show.  I refer to the president’s assertion that he intends to accept North Korea and Kim Jong-un’s invitation to meet at a time and place “to be determined.”   Maybe in May.  Perhaps in Shangri-La.

The revelation was met with shock and awe at the State Department and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who described the President’s first year in office as “very successful.” This dismissed any word that the White House under Trump was rattled by chaos.

But what are we to think when the president agrees to meet with the Rocket Man with an awful haircut?  The leader of a once widely respected nation now descending to the swampish level of a murderous dictator. Trump didn’t even gain the satisfaction of announcing the epic plan. It arrived via South Korea’s envoy Chung Eui-yung at a brief media session in Washington D.C.

All of this can bury us in the worst diplomatic blunder in U.S. history.  But then, who knows whether it will even take place?  Trump is forever playing for time from one scandal to another. That much I do know about domestic policy in the hollow skull of the guy in the Oval Office. I’m not optimistic about the benefits of one liar negotiating with another, if in fact they ever do.